The distribution of pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products demands extreme thoroughness at every step of the logistics chain in order to ensure the quality of the warehouse activity. The pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges and the crucial issue of drug counterfeiting reinforces the importance of the standards established on a European level.

Pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products imply strict constraints for a logistics platform: they often have a limited product life and batches may be recalled. Certain products require controlled temperatures and specific storage and shipping measures. With this in mind, laboratories and distributors require a completely reliable system and total traceability during the logistics flows and associated events.



Logistics challenges

Precision is the primary concern: the logistics must ensure a totally reliable system (zero errors).

Management of large stocks following the production process, with systematic quality control.

Meeting traceability requirements: integrity of data/data back-ups linked to the operations and the operational continuity of the activity.



Our proposal

This requirement should not over-shadow the productivity requirement of any logistics platform. This means proposing solutions which do not create a work overload, while reducing operator data-input to a minimum.

Goods-to-Person system, INTELIS PTS

INTELIS CONVEY smart conveyors

Pallet preparation system

Pick-and-Pack solution

Pick-then-Pack solution


Sorting systems





Solution de slotting



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Our case study


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