WCS (Warehouse Control System)

Illustration of our WCS (Warehouse Control Solution)

WaCS is a comprehensive, modular application suitable for all types of equipment that make up the solution. It coordinates and supervises all the scheduling, synchronisation and routing operations involved in intralogistics flows. WaCS is directly interfaced with the WMS and guarantees the optimum use of equipment as well as prioritising urgent orders, depending on the departure constraints of carriers.






Scheduling and synchronisation of logistics flows

Optimisation of the sequence

of priority orders to be prepared


Execution of replenishment

and preparation orders

Balancing the work

load in real time between different equipment

Management of the stocking

and de-stocking of shuttle systems, mini-loads and stacker cranes

Coordination of picking,

palletisation, stock management and replenishment activities

Management of sequencing



and statistical controls

Routing of loads involving selection

of the shortest route


Supervision focusing on both production and maintenance

Monitoring of activity and current assignments

Visualisation of the general condition of the facility, each warehouse area and each piece of equipment

Visualisation of the condition of stock in shuttle systems, mini-loads, stacker cranes, etc.

Analysis of performance thanks to KPIs




Picto economy


Picto piloting


Picto performance


Picto optimisation


Picto modularity


Reduction in overall preparation timeSimultaneous coordination of person-to-goods and goods-to-person preparation processes for for item picking, case picking and palletisationFewer errors and improved service rateOptimisation of inventory levels by adapting coordination in line with expected performanceModular application allowing for the gradual addition of equipment and features