Automated storage by SAVOYE

Automated storage: maximum performance in minimum volume

Rethink your stock in a different way

In a context that requires faster execution of operations and the production of more orders in a limited space, automated storage has become the most efficient solution to increase competitiveness.

The efficient storage of your logistical units is the crucial element that affects the downstream efficiency of your picking and shipping processes. The efficiency of automated storage and the use of technology that is appropriate to your context and your needs determine the speed of the supply of products to your teams. This therefore has a direct impact on your service rate.

Savoye offers a full range of automated storage technologies, for light loads and heavy loads, at single, double, and multiple depth, to adapt to all types of stock.

For which applications?

Stockage picking

To continuously supply your goods-to-person stations with the products to be prepared

Tub and finalized package buffer

To supply your manual stations and robots in accordance with the palletization plans

Pallet buffer

For sequenced supply to the shipping docks in accordance with carrier departures

Reserve storage

To stow your pallets on reception and resupply your picking areas


High-performance shuttles for light loads

stockage automatisé

X-PTS supplies your picking and palletization stations with tubs, trays, and boxes at a very high throughput. This shuttle system exists in different versions and is based on our patented four-load elevator concept able to perform up to 1100 in and out movements per hour per aisle.


Flexible tub handling robots

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HAIPICK by SAVOYE is a simple, quick-to-install goods-to-person solution. Scalable and modular, it is ideal for companies wishing to take their first step toward robotizing their picking process.


Single- and double-depth shuttles for pallets

MAGMATIC is a flexible and modular omnidirectional shuttle system whose technology can be integrated into ambient-temperature, refrigerated, and frozen environments.

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Stacker cranes and miniload cranes

Savoye incorporates a complete range of stacker cranes and miniload cranes in single, double, and multiple depths, equipped with single or double grippers.

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Multi-depth shuttles for pallets

These omnidirectional shuttle systems are particularly suitable for contexts where there are many pallets per product line, allowing high storage density.

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Why choose automated storage?


Go to the next level

Join the leaders in your sector by switching to goods-to-person and goods-to-robot processes


Boost your efficiency

Products and packages available quickly and stored in the blink of an eye


Optimize the available volume

Use the full height of your building and reduce traffic areas

They reach what matters with SAVOYE...


Maximum performance in minimum space

Do you want to know which automated storage solution is best for you?