More than 35 years spent supporting our customers’ development and logistics

Ever since SAVOYE was created, its story has been one of process, product, and international growth. SAVOYE’s present and future are based on a long and continuous tradition of innovation to serve its customers worldwide.

The beginning

SAVOYE was created in Beaune, France, in the late 1950s, specializing in the production of bottle crating machines.

The beginning of automation

With the introduction of mechanized order picking and packaging systems, Savoye created PAC 600 packaging and stepped into the world of logistics.

At the heart of intralogistics

Savoye becomes a WMS publisher. In parallel, the company extends its expertise to automated pallet storage, by creating the MAGMATIC system.

Responding to the challenges of the future

Savoye develops the X-PTS solution, a goods-to-person shuttle system, and Jivaro, the machine that reduces the height of shipping packages.

New conveyor systems and Supply Chain Execution software

The company launches the INTELIS range of plug&play conveyors and expands its software offering to include shipper TMS and OMS systems.

International growth

The company extends its activities to North America and China and creates subsidiaries in Italy and Benelux.

From intralogistics to points of sale

SoCloz, an omnichannel platform dedicated to retail logistics, joins Savoye.

The future of the supply chain

The company continues to innovate with:
>The launches of ODATiO, a modular and cloud native WMS and TMS solution, and Fleexee, a robotic person-to-goods solution
>The partnership with HAI Robotics, designer of autonomous goods-to-person robots
>The creation of new subsidiaries in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.