Our CSR vision: for a more responsible world

People and goods have never been so mobile around the world. On average, nearly 450 million parcels a day are dispatched to the four corners of the globe. At the same time, human activities are depleting our resources and putting increasing strain on the earth’s ecosystem, as this year’s news has reminded us.

Against this backdrop, the companies of the future will have to reorganize themselves, in particular by aiming for greater localization and sobriety. Tomorrow’s supply chains will need to evolve and be redesigned on a global scale. Companies in the sector are now facing environmental, societal, and economic challenges that are challenging their activities and practices.

SAVOYE is no exception to this need for change. SAVOYE is going global and, more than ever before, must set an example by conducting its business in accordance with the professional standards and ethical principles to which we fully subscribe. It is therefore our duty to promote a socially responsible stance and our values wherever we are present, and to respond to the environmental, social and societal challenges we face with concrete actions.

SAVOYE's CSR impacts

Environmental aspects

We are committed to a sustainable world, and to continuous environmental progress that goes beyond mere compliance with the law. We strive to help our customers minimize their environmental impact.

Our responsability

Climate change

GHG emissions from our direct activities and from the lifecycle of our installations at our customers' sites

Change of land use

Construction of our new Longvic production site, participating in the construction of new warehouses

integrity of biodiversity

Waste emissions on our sites, contribution to the use of single-use cardboard and packaging

Our key issues


Reducing our energy footprint

Continuing efforts to reduce energy consumption for SAVOYE activities at each of our operational sites


Reducing our customers' footprint

Contributing to reducing the land footprint of our customer logistics operations through compact storage and optimized processes


Developing cleaner solutions

Developing our range of solutions and our portfolio of proprietary products, technologies and software, and guiding our R&D investments

Where do our CO2 emissions come from?

66 %


used for our business travels *

33 %

gas and electricity

consumed at our various sites *

1 %

of waste

generated on our production sites *

SAVOYE's CSR impacts

Social aspects

We are committed to guaranteeing the well-being of our employees by ensuring their health, safety and professional development, while improving working conditions. We also strive to promote employment, diversity and equal opportunities.

Our responsability

Jobs and equal opportunities

Creating jobs and contributing to equal opportunities in our business areas

Skills development

Skills development in line with the development of our activities and market needs

Enhanced working conditions

Improving working conditions for our employees

Our main issues


Affirming our employer brand

To embody our employer brand to better welcome and retain our employees


Developing our talents

To identify talents and develop key skills to support the long-term transformation and growth of SAVOYE


Encouraging internal mobility

To develop mobility within the Group and change the culture in a context of international expansion of SAVOYE activities

Our key figures


employees worldwide

15 %

employees outside France


gender equality index

SAVOYE's CSR impacts

Societal aspects

As a major player in the supply chain and expanding internationally, SAVOYE must be more exemplary than ever in conducting its business in accordance with the company’s ethical principles and values, and thus contribute to a more responsible supply chain.

Our responsability

Solid territorial roots

Contributing to the life and vitality of the ecosystems around us

Improving well-being in the workplace

Improving working conditions for users of our solutions

Exemplarity in our activities

A culture of respect, integrity, transparency and compliance with professional standards and ethics

Our main issues


Building trusting relationships

To support our existing and future customers over the long term and maintain the bond of trust with them, by delivering solutions tailored to their needs and meeting our contractual commitments


Participating in local development

To contribute to economic development in the regions where we operate


Promoting collaboration

To work together with our stakeholders to continue offering innovative solutions and services in line with market needs

Key figures

96 %

of local suppliers

for our EMEA activities

+99 %

of our purchases controlled

Control and audit of our suppliers

10 km

average distance covered

covered per day by a logistics operator and avoided through automation

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*Carbon footprint calculated on scopes 1 & 2 for our activities in the EMEA region, as well as on scope 3 for production waste.