SAVOYE signs an exciting strategic partnership with LIFT, Inc in the United States. 

We are thrilled to announce the strategic partnership between SAVOYE-North America and Lift Automation, a division of Lift Inc., which brings together two industry leaders who have a shared commitment for high level innovation and excellence that will push industry standards forward in new, expansive ways. As SAVOYE-North America looks to build its distributor partnership program and Lift Automation looks to aggressively grow in the integrator sector, this opportunity provides an ideal platform to showcase how both companies have strengthened their overall value proposition in the industry by delivering superior omnichannel market solutions through this exciting partnership.

What's in Store:

This strategic partnership marks a union of strengths, where SAVOYE-North America and Lift Automation will leverage their combined expertise to revolutionize access and offer quality supply chain solutions to manufacturers. Our strategic partnership will not only redefine industry standards but also set the stage for a new era of efficiency and productivity for customers looking for next-gen solutions in automation that maximizes return on investment. These factors, combined with the value-add of having US-based manufacturing from both companies, will offer clients seamless and fast-tracked project execution, implementation and service.

“SAVOYE– NA is very excited for this new partnership with Lift Automation that combines our strengths to present both innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients within the automation industry.  Combining Lift Automation’s focused approach on optimizing cost by extending the life of existing assets and SAVOYE -NA’s ability to enhance and modify equipment creates an ideal combination for the client and the industry that offers solutions uniquely fit for the client’s challenge. We are excited to make our ASRS and GTP systems available to be included in Lift Automations forward-thinking solutions! – Paul Deveikis, Chief Executive Office/SAVOYE-North America

“The SAVOYE Lift Team provides a united turnkey solution to all omnichannel operations looking at not just each pick, but case and pallet as well. Incorporated with the solution is a high-level WES and WMS that provides software controls for all levels within a distribution facility. We focus a lot on retrofits, upgrades relocations, repurposing and brownfield site enhancements where most integration firms walk away. This is a great partnership on all levels!” – Tim Talarico, Director of Integrated Solutions/Lift, Inc.

“We are excited for this partnership with Lift Automation because it will offer our clients next-gen solutions that will optimize warehouse orchestration. With Lift Automation’s strong history in the industry coupled with SAVOYE -NA’s software and material handling solutions, our clients will be able to reach new performance levels through seamless integration and innovative solutions” – Tim Bonney, Vice President of Sales & Operations/Savoye-NA

“Building a portfolio of premier partnerships has been at the forefront of this growing division and SAVOYE -NA’s expertise and technology, whether it is software, picking, micro-fulfillment – has been a perfect fit for many of our customers.” – Andy Wagaman, General Manger/Lift, Inc.


About Lift Inc.:

Lift Inc., brings over 50 years of industry experience to the table, coupled with 25+ years of knowledge matter in the automation division. Lift, Inc. boasts excellence in the industry by having the ability to offer client solutions ranging from turnkey system integration to retrofit and upgrades to existing systems. Lift, Inc. has been raising industry standards for 25+ years in the automation division and is a powerhouse in delivering innovative automation solutions.

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