Efficient solutions for spare parts logistics

Proven solutions to meet the constraints of your business

Tens of thousands of individual items of all sizes to be delivered within even shorter timeframes, processing of returns, significantly different stock rotation times, etc. All these challenges must be taken into account whether your end customers are garages, repair centers or even private consumers.

Very tight deadlines

Spare parts logistics, in particular in the automotive industry, operates on a pull flow basis and responsiveness has become the key word.

To ensure increasingly tight delivery times, later cut-offs, and to optimize their shipping costs, Supply Chain Managers must operate a highly efficient system, capable of managing the picking of several thousand orders in just a few hours.

SAVOYE offers an efficient and flexible logistics tool, combining high-speed execution and high-quality picking to meet these challenges.

With SAVOYE, the focus is on what matters...

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The logistical challenges of the spare parts sector

Extended item base

Significant and diverse product benchmark

Diverse orders

While focusing on the speed of execution and reducing the number of errors

Repeated deliveries

Deliveries several times per day and urgent orders



Acceptance of serial numbers

Spare parts logistics solutions

Find out how our solutions guarantee you short turnaround times while minimizing the costs of stock being unavailable.

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