X-PTS Shuttle - Goods-to-person system

High-performance solution for distribution and production

X-PTS® is a shuttle system for stocking and destocking lightweight loads:

  •  Shuttles to move horizontally at each level,
  • Input and output elevators to move vertically.

X-PTS® is a high-performance technology that will form the core of your goods-to-person and goods-to-robot solutions.


goods to person shuttle

All-terrain shuttles

X-PTS® shuttles are designed to operate at ambient temperature or in cold or freezing environments, down to -13°F / -25°C. With fixed- or variable-width grippers, they pick up and put down tubs, boxes, and trays, which can therefore be stored together on the same level.

Goods-to-person goods-to-man

Very high throughput aisles

The elevator is the key component ensuring your system’s performance. Based on the dual cradle concept created and patented by Savoye, the elevators pick up and put down four containers per cycle, reaching flows of up to 1100 ins and outs per hour and per aisle.

Goods-to-person system

Reach new heights!

With the ability to reach a height of up to 20 meters, take advantage of the full size of your warehouse by installing as many levels of storage as possible. You can also stack the picking stations on two or more levels, served directly by the elevators. This means that you use the minimum possible surface: your picking area will be smaller than ever.

Goods-to-person system

Storage: aiming for compactness

With its ability to handle load sizes from 10.4″x10.4″ (265×265 mm) to 32.3″x24.4″ (820×620 mm), the X-PTS system comes in several possible configurations. With the ability to store in the same depth two containers equivalent to 23.6”x15.7″ (600×400 mm), and four compartmentalizable 15.7″x11.8″ (400×300 mm) containers, you will minimize the space occupied, irrespective of the volume of your items.

Goods-to-person system

Total safety and high availability

To make every minute of production count, the X-PTS aisles are subdivided into several isolated, secure maintenance access areas. In case of any maintenance operation, only shuttles from the same area are temporarily stopped, while the rest of the system continues to operate normally.

Goods-to-person system

Goods-to-person: which criteria can be used to compare solutions?

There are many goods-to-person solutions, and each has its own area of relevance... We give you the key to understanding the differences so you can make the right choice!

Goods-to-person system

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