Goods-To-Person stations


X-PTS Pick Station

The X-PTS Pick Station is an ergonomic preparation station, designed to maintain steady rates and meet activity peaks. It can be used at will in different modes and activities: picking, inventory, exclusion, restocking, etc.


Download buttom "automation of order preparation: 5 key points for sizing your goods-to-person soluiton"






Picto quality


Picto intuitiveness


Picto posture


Picto performance


Very high preparation quality thanks to the one-to-one picking from a single position for a single place containerIntuitive HMIs that are quick to learn and provide operator comfortReduction in biomechanical and posture stress thanks to the sloping containers and easier validationsthe high level of performance in order preparaion means an increase in reactivity



Buffer sequencer

The buffer sequencer is an autonomous sorting system which can process flows arriving in no particular order, transforming them into a sequence expected by a preparation station or palletisation robot.

The buffer sequencer consists of an input lift, different storage levels and an output lift.







Picto freedom


Picto anticipation


Picto cadence


Elimination of sequencing constraints in upstream equipmentDelivery of sequence expected downstream depending on the different orders to be processed, the desire to take bulky products first, etc.Manual or automated stations supplied with more than 600 loads per hour