HAIPICK by Savoye


Efficient, flexible and intelligent, HAIPICK is a "goods-to-person" order preparation solution. It relies on HAI Robotics' Autonomous Case-handling Robots (ACR) to perform all operations between workstations and shelves storing products. HAIPICK can be rapidly implemented in all types of warehouse, whatever their size and layout.




Storage capacity

Quick installation

Flexible and scalable

Up to 5m highDeployment in less than 5 weekseasy addition of robots, shelves, workstations



HAIPICK works both in 'put-to-wall' mode, to distribute the same product reference to several packages at the same time, and in 'package preparation' mode. HAIPICK is compatible with both X-PTS Pick Station workstations and Savoye PUT TO LIGHT break-down cabinets.

Adapted to many sectors of activity (e-commerce, retail, textile, 3PL, industry, health, etc.), HAIPICK improves operational efficiency and increases storage capacity compared to a traditional preparation solution. Easily scalable, HAIPICK makes it easy to add robots, shelves, preparation stations and replenishment stations with minimal disruption to production. Very rapid to implement, HAIPICK is the ideal 'goods-to-person' system for companies wishing to take a first step towards robotizing their picking process.





Autonomous and

Multiple picking


fully autonomous navigation, handling and rechargingPreparation of one or several packages simultaneouslyEach robot can carry up to 8 loads simultaneously




Speed 1.8 m/sintegrated obstacle detection, anti-collision alarm and emergency stopQuick return on investment