Shuttle Systems



X-PTS is a shuttle system for stocking/de-stocking lightweight loads. It comprises:

  • shuttles to move horizontally on each level
  • input and output lifts to move vertically.

X-PTS is a high-speed shuttle system, based on our patented design of dual cradle lifts that can perform cycles in an optimum manner by carrying four loads at once.

Download buttom "mare detail about X-PTS" goods-to-person solution by Savoye   




Picto continuity


Picto higth tempo

high tempo

Picto temperature


Aisles divided into several isolated, secure areas so that work can continue without stopping in the adjacent areasHigh speed: capable of achieving a combination of 1100 inputs and outputs per hourSystem operating in ambient temperature, refrigerated and freezing environments.

Picto compacity


Picto diversity


Picto mixable


Compact structure: low height of tier step and inter-load differencesSingle- or dual-storage format, up to six deep, of shelves that can be compartmentalised into several cellsTotes, trays and boxes mixable in the same aisle


Storage and retrieval technology (totes, trays and boxes) used to transfer products to the picking stations at very high speeds.


The goods-to-person (GTP) picking station is efficient and ergonomic, and guarantees high preparation quality in the system.


In addition to or instead of manual preparation stations



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Illustration Savoye X-PTS goods-to-person (GTP) solution


X-PTS shuttle: classic version


LHD with fixed width, from 300mm (11¾ in.) to 420mm (16½ in.), configured in factory

  • Totes, trays, cartons

  • Maximum dimensions: 620x420x425mm (24½x16½x16¾ in.)

  • Minimum dimensions: 300x300x55mm (11¾x11¾x2¼ in.) 

  • T° : +0°C/32°F up to 40°C/104°F


X-PTS shuttle: flex version

Telescopic LHD with automatic width adjustment to the containers dimensions, from 265mm (10½  in.) to 420mm (16½ in.)

  • Totes, cartons
  • Maximum dimensions: 620x420x425mm (24½x16½x16¾ in.)
  • Minimum dimensions: 265x265x55mm (10½x10½x2¼ in.) 


X-PTS shuttle: deep-frozen version

  • Totes, trays, cartons
  • Maximum dimensions: 620x420x425mm (24½x16½x16¾ in.)
  • Minimum dimensions: 300x300x55mm (11¾x11¾x2¼ in.) 
  • T°: working environment till -28°C/-18°F


X-PTS shuttle: extended version

Handling of TUs up to 820x620mm (32¼x24½ in.), stored into length way, and up to 55kgs (121 lbs)

  • Totes, trays, cartons
  • Maximum dimensions: 820x620x425mm (32¼x24½x16¾ in.)
  • Minimum dimensions: 620x420x55mm (24½x16½x 2¼  in.)
  • T° : +0°C/32°F up to 40°C/104°F


Dynamic replenishment shuttle

Picture of dynamic replenishment shuttle, goods-to-person solution by Savoye


The automated replenishment system for picking positions is based on the association of dynamic storage units and X-PTS technology. A lift is used to transfer loads to the correct storage level, where shuttles then move them to the correct position. The gravity operating principle used with dynamic storage units ensures that the item is always available.









Picto economy


Picto automation


Reduction in operating costs linked to replenishment operationsAutomation of repetitive replenishment operations in stock picking of high turnover items