Office supplies:
logistics as a differentiating factor

Success stories

SAVOYE’s range of products is perfect for our sector and fully meets our needs. From the outset, SAVOYE has provided us with sound advice on how to rationalise space in the warehouse. So they’ll be supporting us right through the project

Thierry CAPPÉ

Managing Director of Papeteries Pichon
ODATiO is a well-thought-out modular solution, which seems to capitalize on all of Savoye’s logistics knowhow. We expect greater reliability and productivity in our preparation processes, lower costs and improved quality of service

François PENIN

CIO of JM Bruneau
MondOffice and SAVOYE are long-standing partners. In choosing the new WMS, we opted for continuity and stability. Our two companies know each other very well.

Andrea RENNA

Supply Chain Director Staples MondOffice

A highly competitive sector

Office supplies logistics are characterized by a significant need for responsiveness in terms of picking to guarantee deliveries within 24 hours. So the watchword is productivity, in the face of very short deadlines and very large daily volumes. The type of order is truly a specific feature of this business. In effect, these are primarily small retail orders to be prepared in small parcels, or even special envelopes, which need to be delivered “to the desk”.

A wide variety of items

The catalog is characterized not only by its relatively large number of product codes, but also by the wide variety of items. The products stored vary greatly in size, from a humble eraser to office furniture, as well as food items and cleaning products.

So the challenge is to manage the accuracy of picking and the variety of product codes, while focusing on the speed of execution and reducing the number of errors.

With SAVOYE, the focus is on what matters...

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Achieving your targets with adapted solutions

The logistical challenges of the office supplies sector

The type of order

Numerous small retail orders to be prepared in small parcels, or even in envelopes

Accuracy of picking

While focusing on the speed of execution and reducing the number of errors

Tight deadlines

With little time between receiving orders and shipping them

A wide variety of items

A humble eraser, office furniture, food items, cleaning products, etc.

SAVOYE’s solutions have been designed to fulfill all your business’s requirements

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