Order Management System : omni-channel and multi-location stock management

Increasing customer demands, combined with a multiplication in sales and distribution channels, are requiring distribution companies to make organizational changes. In order to respond to market developments, logistics organizations are increasingly combining central platforms, regional warehouses, overflow sites, local depots and cross-docking platforms. Store networks are being digitized and transformed into places for accepting and preparing orders. Whatever the stock location, warehouse or store, the challenge is to define the best scenario enabling customer satisfaction to be maximized.

The lack of an orchestration system entails, on the one hand, a duplication and oversizing of stock and, on the other hand, a relatively simple distribution of orders: product families, regional distribution, B2B or B2C flows. The organization is quite rigid and, often, not very agile in unpredictable situations.

This is where OMS comes in. Deploying it will enable you to remove the constraints. You are now free to rethink your organization, as the information system will be able to orchestrate and manage flows based on complex rules and give you the necessary tools to respond effectively to uncertainties. The OMS allows you to build a fluid and responsive ecosystem, to redesign your network and its flow management without turning the architecture of existing systems upside down.

Standard uses

Orchestration of web and store orders

Management of all your omni-channel strategies including e-commerce and store networks   

Manage your multi-warehouse network

Choosing the best logistics platform for preparing an order

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Unified visibility of stock

Comprehensive monitoring of your own stock, both supplied and in transit


The omnichannel platform at the service of the seller experience

SoCloz is the omnichannel platform at the service of the seller experience. It brings together in a single interface, an intuitive software suite : an Order Management System (OMS) at the origin of the orchestration of omnichannel orders, a Mobile Point of Sale System (mPOS) which enables in-store order taking and mobile payment and a store management system (Store WMS) dedicated to the management of omnichannel orders at the point of sale. Leader in Europe and committed alongside its 150 brands and 35,000 stores in 18 countries around the world, Socloz acts like a real orchestra conductor. Innovative and efficient, Socloz supports brands in their digital transformation with the implementation of omnichannel scenarios (E-reservation, Click and Collect, Ship from Store, etc.) and and store functionalities (clienteling, return management, etc).


Orchestrate your orders

With ODATiO’s OMS functions, you can direct your orders based on the sales channel, configuration of your logistics network and availability at your stock locations, warehouses or stores. Orders are assigned via a powerful rules engine, taking account of the availability of products, geographic location and anticipated load. You can see all your stock and can, thus, anticipate transfers between remote sites.

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Guarantee your commitment to customers in 5 steps


Reduce unsold store stock

By identifying opportunities for orders that can be shipped from store in real time


Optimization of stock levels

By adopting a lower safety margin, by offering substitutions or stock transfers in the event of a shortage 


Smoothing flows

By anticipating the load


Reducing preparation and transport costs 

By grouping orders and assignment by geographic location 


Enhancing the customer experience 

Whatever the ordering interface and preparation location 

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