Would you like to automate your warehouse with a Goods-To-Person solution that’s packaged, affordable and easy to deploy? Our offer combines productivity gains and cost control in a single solution!

Our offer has been designed to increase the profitability and optimise the performance of your logistics activity. Made with an ultra-fast shuttle system, you can process up to 3,600 orders a day without any difficulty.

Its robust design ensures long-term reliability, enabling you to achieve your growth, performance and customer satisfaction targets.

Thanks to our integrated software, you can control your installation optimally.

Fast deployment!

Our tried-and-tested packaged solution stands out for its ability to be deployed in record time. Thanks to its integrated architecture and proven reliability, it will enable you to implement your automated picking solution quickly and easily.

Whether you want to optimise your internal processes or improve your productivity, our solution is ready to use…

Our ergonomic X-PTS Pick Station has been specially designed to optimise the working comfort of your pickers by reducing fatigue through more appropriate daily postures.

Automated in this way, your order picking becomes more efficient and of higher quality, which translates into a significant increase in the overall productivity of your processes and a reduction in picking errors.

What does the solution consist of?

1 aisle

A 50 x 12 metre rack with a storage capacity of 8,000 slots and 25 X-PTS shuttles.

Pick Station

An operator station capable of processing 400 lines per hour.

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Control software

Our control software ensures efficient management of the entire system.

Once your project is up and running, our team will take care of installation and commissioning, and we’ll supply you with a kit of emergency spare parts.

Ready to get started?

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