Système de stockage automatisé de palettes

Automated pallet storage

Flexible and compact pallet storage solution

With the MAGMATIC® solution, your pallet storage arrangements will be more flexible and compact. Because it is so compact, this bidirectional shuttle system can easily operate in tight spaces. Whatever the configuration of your building, whether it is newly built or older, MAGMATIC® can adapt to your activity, including the more specific flows, such as production.

Système de stockage automatisé de palettes

How do you keep your stock in a restricted volume without loss of flexibility?

MAGMATIC® bidirectional vehicles are lightweight, so they consume very little energy in the warehouse. Ideally suited to handling frozen food products in a controlled-temperature facility (-18°F / -28°C), they are the most economical solution for compact storage.


Adaptability to the constraints of the property

These are buffer warehouses located at the very start of the logistics chain. Thanks to the MAGMATIC® system, you just need a few conveyors to easily serve all the sides of a building. MAGMATIC® vehicles can leave the warehouse to go to a workstation or order picking station. What’s more, the MAGMATIC® system easily adapts to the configuration of buildings and to specific production flows, which is especially helpful on existing premises.

Système de stockage automatisé de palettes

Key strengths


Extremely dense storage.

Save space

Reduces the space requirements in the shipping area before loading into the trailers.


Scalability according to anticipated throughput

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