Pick to light solution

Pick-to-light, put-to-light solutions for optimized picking!

Smart furniture to facilitate the work of your operators

Efficient order picking must go hand-in-hand with smart, user-friendly tools. That’s what Savoye offers, with a range of picking tools that will let you:

  • Increase the reliability of picking and sorting tasks
  • Improve performance by using light to guide operations
  • Make work more comfortable for operators and limit repetitive strain injuries

Savoye picking tools are equipped with LED technology and illuminated displays, to simplify picking operations while helping to reduce error rates.


LED picking cart

Ultra lightweight and maneuverable, equipped with LED displays, CART by LED helps your operators with their picking or putting rounds. It can be controlled from the WMS or operate completely autonomously.

Pick to light process


Endlessly reconfigurable and equipped with LED display technology, the PUT TO LIGHT unit helps operators with sorting operations. This packaged solution receives the necessary information from an external system (ERP, WMS, etc.) to carry out processes fully autonomously.

Pick to light process

Key strengths


Fewer repetitive strain injuries and better operator comfort

Look and feel

Extended functional coverage


Phenomenal implementation speed

Along with the picking tools, they reach what matters...

Pick to Lights arkopharma



The installation needed converting to facilitate the flows but also, and most importantly, to reduce the musculoskeletal disorders of our pickers. We sought to rethink the ergonomics of their work stations in order to improve their everyday operating conditions

Pick to Lights arkopharma
Mickael BITOUNArkopharma Business Manager

LED strip technology Pick To Light

This innovative range of Pick To Light solutions indicates an area of interest that can be adjusted by simple digital configuration to the operator. The least cumbersome solution on the market, our Pick To Light solution can be adapted to your equipment or incorporated in our packaged units (Cart by LED, Split by LED).

Pick to Lights