Automated pallet storage

The automated pallet storage solutions can be used either alongside an item picking solution solution to manage the reserve stock, or in their own right for pallet preparation and case picking solutions.

MAGMATIC technology, which can be used in environments at ambient, refrigerated and frozen temperatures, is an omnidirectional shuttle system that is both flexible and modular.



The pallets are consolidated before supplying buffer zones upstream according to the departure times of the transporters. The pallet output is sequenced in order to comply with the expected loading order for a particular trailer.


The pallets are removed from stock in order to supply the palletisation stations, allowing for the creation of heterogeneous, multi-reference pallets from homogeneous, single-reference pallets.


Automated pallet storage after acceptance prior to supplying replenishment assignments intended for stock picking.


The system must be perfectly adapted to the specific constraints of deep freeze warehouses: structure of the building, compactness, temperature, humidity, etc.


Storage of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in order to supply workstations, production lines and preparation stations.



Extremely compact storage

Reduction in the area required in the shipment area before loading in the trailers

Flexibility and scalability depending on expected speed



A flexible and modular automated pallet storage system

Magmatic can be used in many contexts:

Production environments, to move materials and semi-finished and finished products between the reception, production and shipment zones

Distribution stores

Deep freeze stores



A modular system

MAGMATIC is made up of the following components:

Autonomous MAGMATIC vehicles (or VM) that transport pallets

Simple and reliable Levmatic lifts to move the VMs vertically

Robust pallet rack to store the pallets and guide the VMs

All of it directed by a digital control system that optimises vehicle movements and guarantees a high fill rate



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