SAVOYE announces a partnership with the Spanish company, ACACIA TECHNOLOGIES, as distributor of ODATiO Cloud Access WMS and TMS software

March 9th, 2022 – SAVOYE expands its international position by signing an agreement with ACACIA TECHNOLOGIES. 

Acacia Technologies is a company located in Barcelona and specialized in warehouse and distribution center management projects through the integration of software (wms) and hardware technologies (RF terminals, RFID, pick and put to light systems, sorters …).

ACACIA TECHNOLOGIES now becomes distributor and integrator of ODATiO® Cloud Access, a 100% standard software for the supply chain and hosted on Microsoft Azure,

ODATiO® Cloud Access merges a complete WMS and TMS into a single application and has been designed to be easily integrated and used by both users and integrators, thus providing complete autonomy in terms of integration and support.

From a functional point of view, ODATiO® Cloud Access is particularly well suited to the logistics processes of retail order preparation and shipper-oriented transport management operations. 

Besides establishing itself in various countries in Europe and Middle East, USA, Asean region and China this additional formed partnership is also part of the international development program of SAVOYE to boost the global sales of its ODATiO® Software.

Savoye announces a partnership with the Spanish company, ACACIA TECHNOLOGIES, as distributor of ODATiO<sup>®</sup> Cloud Access WMS and TMS software

SAVOYE’s Director for Partnerships, Hervé Aubert said: “This strategic partnership with ACACIA TECHNOLOGIES will definitely advance and strengthen our position as a provider of supply chain and logistics solutions in Southern Europe, and now in Spain.

On his part, Jordi Piferrer Associate Director said: “Extending our portfolio with ODATIO® is a strategic step forward for ACACIA in order to serve with a cutting-edge solution our Iberic market after more than 20 years of experience in WMS/ SGA implementation“.