SAVOYE appoints ILA company as distributor of its range of packing machines in Turkey

March 8th, 2022 – SAVOYE has today appointed company ILA as distributor of packing machines for the Turkish market. 

ILA, a service provider that performs logistic system integration in a complete way, can set up full solutions by adding its own domestic machinery and warehouse management software programs to those of its partner, SAVOYE.

The agreement signed between SAVOYE and ILA enables ILA to promote, sell, install and maintain the whole SAVOYE’s range of packing automation. This includes in particular the Jivaro®® machine which adapts the cartons to the volume of products and provides automated closing of boxes, bringing significant savings in transportation and labour costs while ensuring improved protection of the shipped products and better image for the end customer.

ILA Managing Director, Mr Emre Yenal , said “ILA is one of the leading system integrators in material handling systems in Turkey. ILA provides turnkey solutions in warehouse automation systems and widen her product portfolio with new and next generation technologies. I strongly believe in the new cooperation with SAVOYE. SAVOYE is a very strong partner and will deliver added value to ILA thru automated packaging machines. Turkey has over 80 million of population and industries such as E-Com and retail have enormous growth possibility. SAVOYE packaging machines will be definitely an extraordinary solution for Turkish companies. This is not just about automatizing the processes it also about saving the world by minimizing the parcels which results fewer transportation. I am sure we will deliver a lot together with SAVOYE to our strategic partners.

SAVOYE appoints ILA company as distributor of its range of packing machines in Turkey

The Jivaro®® packing machine by SAVOYE

SAVOYE’s Director for Partnerships, Hervé Aubert, said “SAVOYE is very pleased to enter in this partnership with ILA, who is a leading player on the Turkish intralogistics market. The combination of ILA’s experience on the local warehouse automation market with SAVOYE’s comprehensive range of packaging machines will enable to propose innovative solutions (such as the Jivaro®; and its Jivaro Print® version) to address the Turkish market requirements in fast growing business sectors such as e-commerce.