SAVOYE : a single brand serving the logistics and supply chain markets

Further to the entry of NOBLELIFT in the shareholding structure, SAVOYE now brings together its brands – A-SIS and INTELIS -, expertises and solutions under the single brand "SAVOYE".


In November 2018, when Noblelift joined the company’s shareholding structure, Savoye announced its ambition to become a world class intralogistics and supply chain player.

In order to fully combine all of its means and resources for its international expansion, the company simplifies its legal organization. Since October 1, 2019, it has brought together the companies A-SIS and SAVOYE into a single company, SAVOYE.

Prodex – a Savoye Brand, specialist in live storage, remains a subsidiary.


Savoye displays today new strategic and organizational ways to support the strong development ambitions planned. It has therefore been decided to bring together both software for the supply chain and design, integration of automated and robotic solutions for intralogistics, under a single brand, SAVOYE.


Savoye’s goal is to provide its current and future customers with a clear and easy understanding of its solutions and products, its businesses and its organization, all over the world, and thus write a new page in its development.


A global and coherent offer driven by intelligence and systems


SAVOYE thus combines its two major areas of expertise under two new range names:

• Advanced Software for the edition of supply chain execution software (OMS, WMS, WCS, TMS, EDI), including the company's historical solutions: LM XT®, LOGYS, MAGISTOR®, LM TMS®, LM OMS®.

• Advanced Technologies for the designer, manufacturer and integrator of intralogistics systems, and its offer of automated and robotic goods-to-person solutions for heavy loads (MAGMATIC®) and light loads (X-PTS), order preparation systems, automated packing machines (JIVARO®, E-JIVARO®, PAC 600® machines), conveyors (INTELIS®).


“The purpose of this new stage is to facilitate the implementation of our ranges through a single project management, via a single brand with a global vocation. Our customers are addressing more and more global supply chain issues. Within this context, we need to provide them with transversal flow management and supply them software from ERP to delivery and design systems and equipment easier to integrate. Our solutions have always been “seamless”, we now want our organization to be also seamless through this convergence of cultures and solutions, at the service of all of our customers, from SMEs to large accounts. This also allows us to organize ourselves optimally to address all of our markets internationally, "explains Rémy Jeannin, CEO of Savoye.


An international organization serving local development


To provide a global intralogistics offer as close as possible to its customers, Savoye announces in parallel the creation of Savoye North America Inc, in the United States under the management of Paul Deveikis, Savoye China (Shengwo) in Asia under the management of Zhu Jia and finally Savoye Europe & MEA, led by Frédéric Zielinski, who all will draw on the software and technology experts already present within Savoye, while locally strengthening the customer interface teams.


In charge of sales activities, project management and service operations in their respective geographic areas, these three units can count on the support of the company's central functions in France. “We are thus strengthening our presence in Europe – more particularly in Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy – in China but also in the United States bringing good prospects in which we have experienced remarkable success since the creation of the Savoye North America subsidiary (located in Philadelphia and Chicago) in February 2019. We are already reaching $ 25 million in orders and are showing very significant prospects for 2020, ”explains Rémy Jeannin.


In addition, Savoye is pursuing the distribution of its software and technology products through international integrator partners via its indirect sales organisation, managed by Hervé Aubert.


Major investments to support growth


In order to support this global growth, Savoye has planned several investments: first in terms of human resources, since Savoye plans in total to recruit 200 employees in Europe, China and the United States in 2020 where a hiring of 47 people is underway to support the 30 employees already present on site, and also in terms of new buildings.


In the United States, the company is finalizing the installation of an industrial unit near Chicago and additional offices. In France, new premises dedicated to software teams will soon be operational in Villeneuve d'Ascq, following those of Lyon Perrache, recently transferred from Lyon Part-Dieu. In 2022, a huge site bringing together the headquarters and the factory of the intralogistics company will be created in the Dijon (Burgundy) area.


As part of this ambitious development project, Savoye, which posted an overall increase of 30% for all its activities in 2019, aims to reach a turnover of more than 300 million euros within 5 years.


"We want to provide our customers with intelligent and innovative solutions while allowing them to benefit from increased geographic responsiveness, the idea being to take decisions as close to the ground as possible to facilitate their implementation and support. Our goal ? To become a major player in intralogistics: American in the United States, Chinese in China and European in Europe ", concludes Rémy Jeannin.