Office supplies logistics

Office supplies logistics is set apart by its need for swift preparation reactivity to ensure 24h deliveries. When faced with very short time-scales and large daily volumes, the watchword is productivity.

A true particularity in this line of business is the type of orders. In fact, they are mainly small retail orders prepared in reduced-size packages, or even special envelopes, that must be delivered “on-desk”.

The catalogue is characterised not only by its relatively large number of references, but also by the large diversity of its items.

The products stored vary greatly in size, from the humble eraser to office furniture, as well as food items and cleaning products.

The challenge is, therefore, to manage preparation precision and a wide range of SKUs while putting the accent on performance speed and reducing the number of mistakes.


Logistical challenges


A demanding sector: “Marketing involves acquiring new customers, logistics involves keeping them.”A sector with large volumes and catalogues that vary littleChallenges for distribution centres: turnarounds as short as possible to fill orders, logistic quality and very competitive logistic cost

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SAVOYE has enjoyed many successes in the office supplies sector because our teams and solutions know how to respond to these high demands for productivity and smoother flows, in particular by providing solutions that are especially adapted.

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