Picking tools

For many years, SAVOYE has been designing order and picking tools that are recognised by the market and specific to different processes:



in preparing orders or kits


item data






Smart units

LED strip technology Pick To Light

This innovative range of Pick To Light solutions indicates an area of interest that can be adjusted by simple digital configuration to the operator.

The least cumbersome solution on the market, our Pick To Light solution can be adapted to your equipment or incorporated in our packaged units (Cart by LED, Split by LED).


Trolley: Cart by LED

The ultra-lightweight and manoeuvrable CART by LED trolley is fitted out with LED strip technology and assists operators when carrying out preparation or storage rounds.
It can be controlled from our WMS solutions at each stage of the process or function completely autonomously.
The trolley receives all the information necessary to carry out its process by itself.


Allocation unit: Split by LED


The Split by LED unit can be reconfigured as much as you want and is equipped with LED strip technology.
It assists operators in carrying out allocation operations.
This packaged solution receives the information necessary to carry out the processes in full autonomy from an external system (ERP, WMS, etc.).



Light-up displays

For many years, we have been integrating market solutions to simplify order preparation operations in warehouses:

  • Displays on trolleys for “multi-order” preparation
  • Displays on fixed units for picking or manual sortation



Mobile solutions

"Multi-modal” vocal solutions

A vocal solution that can be used in all warehouse processes and simultaneously integrates voice, keyboard entries and barcode reading with one single terminal.

Heads-up displays: PEAK SCREEN

This ergonomic tool provides very high quality visual information to the operator without blocking their field of vision.
Combining multi-modal tools (voice, scan, visual information, etc.), this high-tech system can be used in many contexts.




Data Manager

Data MANAGER is an automatic system that takes the dimensions and weight of items and captures images. It simplifies repetitive measuring operations as well as fastidious calculating and weighing operations. Data MANAGER interfaces with a WMS and allows reliable and accurate logistical data to be automatically recorded. Multiple solutions and technologies can be implemented according to the type of product to be measured (shape, size).