BELISOFT LOGISTICS chooses SAVOYE to enhance its growth at the heart of e-commerce for adults in France

Aware of the need for robust and efficient logistics to evolve sustainably in the world of e-commerce, BELISOFT, leader in e-commerce for adults in France, relies on Savoye solutions to support the development of its logistics activities. 

In a fast-growing and highly competitive sector, BELISOFT is one of the major players in France. Born in 2010, the group, which has become a reference in online sales, has been developing an omnichannel approach since 2016, supported by a network of physical stores and an internalized logistics. In order to strengthen its positioning, increase customer satisfaction and support its development, BELISOFT LOGISTICS called on Savoye to equip its new logistics platform located in Rillieux-la-Pape (69), France.

BELISOFT LOGISTICS chooses SAVOYE to enhance its growth at the heart of e-commerce for adults in France

Already using conveyors to manage its 15,000 references in its 2,500 m2 of storage area, BELISOFT LOGISTICS wanted to acquire an automated end-of-line order preparation solution including a labeler, a tray erector, an E-JIVARO® closing machine as well as an INTELIS® conveyor circuit. "Following a tender launched in 2020, we chose Savoye, which has a very high recognition in the sector. Whatever the project and its scope, its teams demonstrate the same level of commitment. We were reassured to be able to rely on a global offer and a single contact, from installation to maintenance", explains Cyril Deveye, co-founder of the BELISOFT group.


Combining automation, productivity and eco-responsibility


This new line mainly dedicated to web orders will also serve some Click & Collect operations. Equipped with the E-JIVARO® solution, dedicated to e-commerce packaging, it will allow height reductions up to 30 mm, for packages close to an A5 format, thus helping to address the issue of cost/volume shipped as well as the challenges of reducing CO2 emissions. "We have evolved in stages: a gravity conveyor, then a mechanized conveyor, and now we are moving to an automated and intelligent tool. This is a considerable challenge on several levels: the quality of the parcel, the notion of eco-responsibility of our packaging, but also the optimization of truck loading. We plan to increase our productivity by almost 50%," says Cyril Deveye. 

Currently, the company ships an average of about 3,000 packages per day. With its new facility, it intends to increase its rate to 6,000 parcels/day. "90% of the volumes will pass through the line. This line perfectly meets our ambition of proximity to the product, responsiveness to the customer and the promise of fast and efficient shipping. Our growth allows us to foresee an increase in volumes, especially during our seasonal peaks during the end of the year and Valentine's Day," continues the co-founder of BELISOFT group. Operational for the summer 2021, this new installation could thus give rise to other thoughts on the logistics evolution of the group.