Bergerat Monnoyeur chooses ODATiO software solution to increase the robustness of its transport organization.

Dijon, June 7, 2021 – Caterpillar's exclusive dealer in France, Bergerat Monnoyeur, particularly keen to focus its development strategy around service, is opting for the TMS component of Savoye's ODATiO in order to optimize its transport operations, which have become key in improving customer satisfaction.

Present in multiple sectors of activity, from public works to landscape design, mining, roads and industry, Bergerat Monnoyeur, the exclusive dealer of Caterpillar and Sandvik in France, ensures the sales of new machinery, short and long-term rental, along with the after-sales service of these products through 40 workshops spread throughout France. These latter thus offer machine troubleshooting, maintenance and rebuild services.

Services that Bergerat Monnoyeur guarantees to its customers thanks to a supply of spare parts from its Saint-Denis logistics platform in the Paris region, via transport flows ranging from D+1 express before 8am to D+2 courier. To ensure all these activities, the Saint-Denis logistics platform relies on its 18,000 m2 of floor space, with approximately 100,000 references delivered per year, including 80,000 managed in stock. As Bergerat Monnoyeur does not possess a Transport Management System, all transport flows were until now managed via its ERP and its Savoye LMXT WMS. Eager to better manage carrier assignments and strengthen its shipping processes, the dealer issued a call for tenders in the summer of 2020 and selected its partner Savoye for the implementation of a dedicated and innovative transport management tool.

Bergerat Monnoyeur chooses ODATiO software solution to increase the robustness of its transport organization.

Stéphane LAGAL, Machines & Spare Parts Supply Chain Director at Bergerat Monnoyeur

Transport selection, cost control and tracking in the firing line

Bergerat Monnoyeur thus opted for the new generation software solution for Supply Chain Execution, ODATiO, recently launched on the market by Savoye. "ODATiO will allow us to choose from our ten carriers according to the type of demand, the level of urgency, the locality to be served, the weight of the package, etc. It will therefore be able to assign the best transport scheme while meeting major challenges in terms of costs and compliance with deadlines", introduces Stéphane LAGAL, Machines & Spare Parts Supply Chain Director at Bergerat Monnoyeur. The dealer also intends to optimize its costs by controlling its invoices and pre-invoicing. The third reason for this choice is a growing need for shipment tracking: "In the current context, we obviously want to offer our customers the most accurate parcel tracking, made possible with information coming directly from Bergerat Monnoyeur and not transiting via an email/carrier portal", continues Stéphane LAGAL. Finally, Bergerat Monnoyeur also relies on improved performance measurement and service rate: "Currently, we are able to measure it by segment, but not in an integrated manner. ODATiO will provide us with integrated indicators across the supply chain, more accurately measuring actual customer satisfaction", he adds.

Another advantage of ODATiO is that it is a full web, responsive solution, accessible from any device, in the Cloud on Microsoft AZURE. It thus benefits from intuitive interfaces and navigation, allowing rapid familiarization with the tool. "This allows us to entrust the service provider with the entire scope: supervision, infrastructure, installation and versioning, freeing ourselves from technical constraints", explains Stéphane LAGAL.

A solution and project management system at the service of transport performance

Divided into three lots, the TMS roll-out project began this spring with the allocation and estimation of the transport cost of the various express, standard and charter mail flows according to precise rules (weight, place of delivery, time, type of flow). The second lot, scheduled for the end of the year, will aim to integrate and control the carriers' invoices. Finally, the last lot will focus on tracking and performance measurement. "The clarity and quality of the proposed offer, along with the ability of ODATiO and the project team to address our four main needs through a structured approach, was central to our decision. The use of the LMXT WMS also played a role, especially in terms of interfacing between solutions. The relationship of trust and cooperation between our teams also ensures smooth and seamless collaboration. The implementation of the first lot, now completed, took place without any impact, either on operations or on customer satisfaction", concludes Stéphane LAGAL.