Coop Liguria selects Savoye to build its first Micro Fulfilment Center in Italy

The mountainside, spaces to be rearranged and constraints imposed by an existing structure are some of the challenges faced by the Savoye team in developing the MFC project, micro fulfillment center, ordered by Coop Liguria for the Genoa Bolzaneto store.

The MFC system, which can be described as a small logistics platform, will soon be operational in the existing warehouse of the Bolzaneto hypermarket in Genoa.

The new facility will be able to handle and prepare the orders of all customers, Coop Liguria’s e-commerce platform, that allows members and customers to do their shopping online and then receive their goods at home or at the docks of the Ligurian marinas. Groceries can also be picked up free of charge in the parking lot of some stores or in dispensers installed by Coop and open 24 hours a day.

“This ambitious and challenging project was born with an analysis that began in February 2021. Thanks to the determination and professionalism of Coop team, the work started towards the end of July.

Developing a project within a warehouse previously dedicated exclusively to the store’s stock and miscellaneous items was exciting. In order to transform a space serving one of Coop’s main stores into an MFC system, we worked side by side and collected all the real needs of the customer, finding together the optimal solution” says Massimo Cecchinato, Managing Director of Savoye Italy.

Thanks to the proven technology of the goods-to-person shuttle system, X-PTS®, the Savoye MFC system chosen by Coop Liguria will manage the most popular products of the internet users, and therefore with high turnover.

The system, composed of temperature-controlled and ambient modules, will manage the different types of products thanks to high-performance picking stations. In addition to significantly increasing production capacity, the system will also bring about a meaningful improvement in the working conditions of the teams.

A separate station will be dedicated to the order receiving, which will continue to be prepared in a traditional way.

Operations will be managed by SAVOYE’s WES software, which will control the buffering of all orders and synchronize deliveries.

Coop Liguria selects Savoye to build its first Micro Fulfilment Center in Italy

Grocery delivery management will undergo a major change, allowing Coop to deliver at different times of the day and thus increase customer satisfaction. Other benefits will be to improve order picking, increase delivery times and manage box storage in the warehouse transit aisles to effectively address space constraints.

“The pandemic has changed the shopping habits of our members, and in recent months we have consistently seen a substantial increase in online purchases. We realized it was time to invest in new technology.

The extremely compact solution implemented by Savoye will maximize our warehouse space, allowing us to manage both traditional and online purchases. For us, this operation is very important and relevant and goes beyond the simple desire to achieve better performance: our primary objective is to offer our members an even better service, capable of satisfying all their needs” concludes Giovanni Clavarino, manager of e-commerce at Coop Liguria.