Deret Logistique has partnered with Savoye for the ODATiO intelligent solution

Dijon, January 19th 2022 – As a user of the LMXT warehouse management system for several years, Deret Logistique is strengthening its collaboration with Savoye, entering into a sustainable partnership for ODATiO®, a cloud native WMS, boasting a high level of functional coverage, and which is easy to configure.


​​Deret Logistique has partnered with Savoye for the ODATiO<sup>®</sup> intelligent solution” width=”640″ height=”390″></p><p style=Deret'Saran (45 – France) Site – photo credit Deret

Deret Logistique, a major played in value-added logistics, has a total warehouse area of 600,000 m2 (6,458,346 sq. ft.) in France. Each day, the company distributes hundreds of thousands of orders for customers of all sizes in the perfumes and cosmetics, luxury, textile, automobile and chemicals sectors, as well as for well-known e-commerce and pharmaceutical companies. A few months ago, eager to speed up its development strategy and meet the diverse needs of its customers, Deret Logistique, which was already using several warehouse management software programs, decided to enter into a sustainable partnership with a publisher for a modern and innovative WMS tool. 

Combining the power of a WMS tool and the strength of a partnership

The logistics company assessed different existing solutions and became very interested in the solutions offered by Savoye: “Beyond adding a new WMS to our arsenal of information systems, we wanted to enter into a strong partnership with a publisher. Savoye, thanks to its size, its configuration and the attractiveness of ODATiO®, proved to be the ideal player. We were won over by the technical aspect, the ergonomics and the modernity of the tool. Its ease of use, its cloud hosting as well as the possibility of working hand in hand with Savoye on the design, commissioning and configuration of the tool were also significant advantages”, explained David Perruche, Projects, Studies and Industrialization Manager at Deret Logistique.   

Rapid benefits and future ambitions

Savoye is supporting the logistics company in its savoye to its new WMS for one of its customers in the fashion industry. The solution, installed at the end of October 2021 on the Saran (45-France) logistics site, has already brought several benefits. Improved user experience for operators, better supervision of management via flow control features and optimized visibility on the progress of operations are just some of the benefits cited by the service provider. “Using the possibilities integrated into the tool in terms of data, we can also work on analytics to obtain KPIs and reports. As Savoye is a manufacturer and integrator, we have no doubt that we will be able to integrate ODATiO® easily with tools such as robots or conveyors”, David Perruche continued. “For us, this partnership is the opportunity to develop our business volumes without limiting ourselves to a certain sector, while maintaining our existing WMS solutions and making use of an innovative solution such as ODATiO®”, David Perruche concluded.