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Fnac Darty takes logistics further with SAVOYE

From an initial set-up in 2009 to a global, scalable solution in 2023, Fnac Darty and SAVOYE are pursuing a long-term partnership, serving the logistics performance of Europe’s leading retailer of cultural and leisure goods, technical products, household appliances and services.

More than a decade of long-term, efficient cooperation. Such is the relationship between Fnac-Darty, a French specialist in the distribution of household appliances, electronics and cultural products, and the intralogistics specialist, SAVOYE. It was in 2009, following a call for tenders, that SAVOYE seized the opportunity to integrate an initial solution dedicated to order preparation and packaging, including a case erector, 44 picking stations and 10 special operations stations, at Darty’s 35,000 m2 site in Moussy-le-Neuf (77). Ten years later, to the satisfaction of Darty and as part of its merger with Fnac, the retailer is upgrading its intralogistics installation. “The new Fnac Darty synergy has strategically changed our logistics. We have decided to transfer all our so-called technical products to our Moussy-le-Neuf site. This warehouse, managed by the SAVOYE WMS, is key to our organization. We therefore expected a great deal from SAVOYE in terms of support in upgrading our logistics solution and, of course, after-sales service“, explains Khallef Chekroune, industrial maintenance manager for the Fnac/Darty logistics warehouses.

SAVOYE was there to support. A number of changes requested by the customer were integrated into the existing installation. These included two mezzanines, an extension of 4 stations in a protected area, and 16 picking stations on a mezzanine. An area dedicated to the dispatch of totes was also created, and a new WCS integrating launch management based on the number of cartons retrieved from the picking stations was one of the site’s major developments: “Our privileged contact at SAVOYE, Lionel Vuillaume, was able to be a driving force behind the entire project. We were able to benefit from their innovations and modifications whenever necessary. But above all, they’re there for us every day. We rely on their industrial maintenance, after-sales service and top-of-the-range hotline“, Khallef Chekroune emphasizes.

Savoye Fnac Darty

Ensuring active, responsive and preventive logistics

The latest major development underway at the Moussy-le-Neuf site is a major preventive project to replace the PLC controllers on the forming and closing machines. “We’re working with SAVOYE R&D and one of their partners to install a new generation of PLCs, without disrupting production at the site“, explains the industrial maintenance manager for Fnac Darty logistics warehouses. The Moussy-le-Neuf warehouse handles an average of 140,000 parcels and two million items per month, as well as 6,200 pallets per week. A strategic site, fully equipped by SAVOYE, and for which Fnac Darty benefits from a comprehensive, tailor-made service contract: “The offer we have put forward gives us total protection for the entire installation. At every level, in terms of services and solutions, we meet SAVOYE professionals with a real knowledge of their business“, assures Khallef Chekroune. On the strength of this long-term collaboration, Fnac Darty intends to continue working with its partner on the development of its maintenance contract via the implementation of data analysis, as well as on vital issues such as energy efficiency and, more generally, in support of its logistics master plan.