JIVARO PRINT – a parcel customization and height reduction solution

Savoye, a leading designer of management, automation and robotization solutions for the Supply Chain, unveils a new version of its package height adjustment solution, dedicated entirely to the customization of parcels.

Adaptation to brand strategy, customization for the end customer, promotions and special operations, enhancing the company’s image, etc. At a time when e-commerce has become the dominant channel in all business sectors, these are all key communication elements, which are hard to apply to parcels and their cardboard packaging.

To address this challenge of maintaining the continuity of the customer experience throughout the buying journey, right through to delivery, Savoye has added a fully integrated printing module to its Jivaro® parcel closing machine.

With almost 200 operational units in Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States, Jivaro is the world’s most widely used machine for adapting the dimensions of parcels to the products they contain. With its new Jivaro Print® module, Savoye has combined its 100% automatic shipping volume reduction solution with a custom cover printer.

As a turnkey system, its operation is simple: after scanning the parcel’s barcode, the Jivaro® machine retrieves and then produces the custom PDF intended for printing the parcel. This PDF can be merged with the transport label by the machine, resulting in a single printing operation and enabling the labeler at the machine’s output to be dispensed with.
The key point is that printing takes place within the machine, and not once the parcel is closed: this process guarantees a superior quality, as the box cover is continuously maintained”, explains Pascal Sauvain, Packaging Machines Product Manager at Savoye.
Based on inkjet technology, the Jivaro Print® module produces high-quality results on conventional, brown or white, cardboard boxes (specific boxes not required).
The Jivaro Print® module has already been deployed on behalf of an e-commerce logistics provider and is particularly well-suited to multi-brand logistics activities and all companies seeking to customize parcels for each customer..