The Murgier group has equipped one of its beverage distribution centers with the MAGISTOR WMS

December 17 2021 – When relocating one of its main logistics sites to the Rhône-Alpes region, the long-standing beverage distributor chose Savoye and its MAGISTOR® WMS to optimize its logistics processes.

From its home region in Rhône-Alpes, the Murgier group serves over 5,000 customers in the hospitality (cafés, hotels, restaurants) and catering industries. A distributor of beers, coffee, hot drinks, and wines and spirits, Murgier-Distribution boasts 3 warehouses to deliver its products throughout its regional network. In 2018, eager to support its growth by optimizing the quality of service on offer to its customers, the company relocated one of its historic warehouses to the La Boisse site in the Ain department (01, France), and took this opportunity to overhaul its logistics organization. “Order picking was carried out manually, with the help of an ERP. We put together a team with a project manager and an IS manager and analyzed three publishers on the market to select our WMS”, stated Richard Foltz, Logistics and Distribution Manager at the La Boisse site.  The aim? To support the company’s continued growth and to ensure the traceability of quantities, volumes and even the shelf life of their beverages.

A warehouse management system adapted to the constraints of a beverage distributer

Savoye and its MAGISTOR® WMS were among the key players selected. The latter, renowned for its shelf life management, the ergonomics of its screen and its particular ability to manage wines and its simple interfacing won over the Murgier group. After launching working groups, a change management phase and training, the move took place in December 2019, outside the company’s peak business period. “However, only a few months later, the first lockdown hit. The beverages sector was severely affected, us included. We went from 18 to 2 daily delivery rounds. This was the ideal opportunity for us to learn how to use the software and to rapidly reap the benefits”, explained Richard Foltz. Optimization of replenishment stock, picking routes, changing layouts, etc. Murgier has succeeded in adapting its logistics activities to offer greater reliability and performance. 

Adopting a WMS to gain peace of mind

The Murgier group has equipped one of its bevaverage distribution centers with the MAGISTOR<sup>®</sup> WMS

Today, after fully resuming its activities, the distributor picks around 1,500 to 2,000 order lines per day, highlights its capacity to better manage its 12,000 to 13,000 active stock locations, the improved traceability of its stock and the peace of mind gained by its operators: “MAGISTOR® has provided our staff with a significant increase in comfort at work. The tool is no longer a constraint. At Murgier, we have been won over by the WMS and plan on exploring even further the possibilities offered by this tool. We will reflect on the next steps, perhaps on other Group sites”, concluded Richard Foltz

As for Genseric Piegay, Murgier’s Information Systems Manager: “MAGISTOR® has proven to be a vital tool to secure the management of our stock and facilitate end-of-chain management control. This is a major challenge for our business teams, but also for the IS Department, to guarantee data integrity. MAGISTOR® has satisfied us in this respect.