Notino chooses SAVOYE for the realization in Italy of its Main Distribution Center for South Europe

Notino started the operations at its new Distribution Center located in Telgate – Bergamo. In 2004, Notino aimed to make beauty more accessible throughout whole Europe. 24 million satisfied customers are proof of this.

Notino's vision

A constant commitment of his people, to choose the best products and to fast deliver to Customers, transforming shopping into a one-of-a-kind experience. A clear mission to carry on together everywhere in the world.

Notino is one of the main players in the world of e-commerce, proudly being the largest cosmetic and perfume e-shop in Europe, with over 100,000 products and 2 500 different brands. Notino is also present in retail market with own physical shops positioned in the main capitals and large cities of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Thanks to a strong and clear vision, Jaroslav Rehurek, Global Logistics Development of Notino declares:

As in many others European Counties, in Italy as well we’re leader in the beauty care e-shop. South Europe is a strategic market for Notino, for that reason we decided to invest and to develop a new Main Distribution Center that will support the fast growth of our business in this geographical area. In SAVOYE we found the right partner; we already worked with them in our first distribution center at our headquarters. Our vision is to build long term relationship with our strategic partners; Savaoye reacted fast, providing good ideas and solutions to our needs, confirming the strong synergy between Notino and SAVOYE.

Today we can deliver from our new Telgate Distribution Center more than 100,000 different articles ensuring an excellent packaging experience for our customers”.

Ready... go!

The project came to life one year ago, when Notino selected a new logistics platform in Telgate close to Bergamo. In September 2022 SAVOYE started the installation of the new automated system and now is distributing thousands of parcels with beauty products to satisfy his customers.

In the past, SAVOYE supported Notino providing a packaging line for the first distribution center in Brno; thanks to the excellent relationship and commitment, SAVOYE Italy was chosen as main contractor for the automatization of the new Italian distribution center.

All the functional areas that guarantee the Notino customer maximum performance are connected by over 1,600 meters of SAVOYE conveyors that allow the handling and exchange of all items “from and to” all the crucial areas of the plant, in particular:

  • Pallet receiving station
  • VAS Area (Added value service)
  • Receiving Station
  • VNA Gallery
  • Picking Mezzanine
  • Fast Picking and overstock Area
  • Buffer conveyors
  • Packing station Automated
  • Packing Station Manual
  • Shipping Area
  • WCS software (Warehouse Control System)

It’s a privilege for me and my team to work alongside and support one of the main European players in the beauty care E-market. We delivered a very challenging project in short time; now the system manages a really huge numbers of products, connecting many different functional areas using our technologies and our WCS software. Thanks to this successful project, we’re aiming to extend our cooperation with Notino on a largest scale in Europe.

We already implemented some others E-Comm solutions in the Italian market; our approach is customized for the specific customer’s needs; our key factor is to design tailor-made systems and solutions. Customers ask for speed, simplicity and functionality, the common thread of new ecommerce projects is quality and fast time to market. Speed and order accuracy make the difference, with a solid level of service behind“.

Declares Massimo Cecchinato, Managing Director of SAVOYE Italy.

For SAVOYE, results matter and satisfying Notino has always been the “fil rouge” of the project. The main challenges of the projects were a short delivery time and a customized packaging experience for the end Customer.

With a full range of packaging machine, SAVOYE was able to answer to Notino request. The combination of PAC600 case erecting machine with Jivarò closing machine and a shrinking tunnel allowed Notino to ship customized package, reducing the volume and to protect delicate beauty items.

The “green” is also important. The tailored high reduction of each package allows to reduce the overall shipped volume, with a significant reduction of transports and C02 emission. Our packaging machines use 100% eco-sustainable and recyclable cardboard”.

Concludes Massimo Cecchinato, Managing Director of SAVOYE Italy.