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Take a step ahead and make the most of the collection of platforms that meet their logistics challenges on a daily basis with SAVOYE solutions!

By combining software and technological innovation, we focus on what matters: satisfying your customers, reducing costs and developing the performance of your supply chain throughout the world.

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Boost your logistics to the next level and improve the performance of your order picking with cutting-edge automated and robotic picking solutions!

Manage your platform at your fingertips with software solutions from SAVOYE, the result of over 30 years of experience and R&D to meet our customers’ needs... With extended operational coverage, they are customized to each type of business, from SMEs to highly industrialized companies.

savoye team
savoye team

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SAVOYE’s aim? To design solutions to meet contemporary logistics challenges! By sharing their experience and know-how, our teams are on hand to build the supply chain of tomorrow, with increased efficiency, profitability and sustainability of your logistics flows.

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Robotic lockers at the heart of comprehensive view of logistics

For almost 20 years, the rise of e-commerce in the grocery shopping sector has been accompanied by a proliferation of delivery methods and options available to consumers. These new arrangements are now raising fundamental questions about their relevance, in terms of their adoption by consumers and the prospects of them being profitable for retailers, as well as their societal, economic and environmental effects.

Aurélien LEGUY

Head of Innovation, SAVOYE

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Bergerat Monnoyeur


Deret Logistique


ODATiO is a well-thought-out modular solution, which seems to capitalize on all of SAVOYE’s logistics knowhow. We expect greater reliability and productivity in our preparation processes, lower costs and improved quality of service

André EtchemendyCIO

ODATiO will allow us to choose from our ten carriers according to the type of demand, the level of urgency, the locality to be served, the weight of the package, etc. It will therefore be able to assign the best transport scheme while meeting major challenges in terms of costs and compliance with deadlines

Stéphane LAGALMachines & Spare Parts Supply Chain Director

We were won over by the technical aspect, the ergonomics and the modernity of the tool. Its ease of use, its cloud hosting were also significant advantages

David PERRUCHEProjects, Studies and Industrialization Manager

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