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By combining software and technological innovation, we focus on what matters: satisfying your customers, reducing costs and developing the performance of your supply chain throughout the world.

ODATiO Software

End-to-end solution: a 360° management of your logistics flows

ODATiO® is a dynamic solution with an integrated WMS, TMS and OMS, offering a modular and scalable structure designed for flexibility and efficiency. It aims to support your business challenges by seamlessly adapting to your current constraints and future goals, ensuring a standard and gradual evolution for your development.

Multiple solutions

Increase your overall performance

Automating and robotizing your warehouse enhances operational efficiency , accelerates order fulfillment and lowers costs ensuring a more agile and competitive supply chain...

We give you access to cutting-edge technology with a complete range of solutions made by SAVOYE or carefully selected from the best third-party solutions on the market.

Warehouse Execution SAVOYE

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WES: synchronize and control your equipments

KWEST maximizes the use of your automated system by ensuring the reliability of intra-logistics operations, the performance of processes and optimized use of your resources. Productivity is maximized by measuring the capacity in real time of the conveyor and load of the subsystems and only releasing the highest priority work when there’s need in a given area of the building. The WES executes with the goal of achieving your targets and prioritizing the orders that are most critical.

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