ODATiO deploys in Italy for Bruneau, SAVOYE's longtime customer

16/09/21 – French e-commerce leader in the sale of furniture, consumables, equipment and office supplies, Bruneau has chosen to deploy in Italy, ODATiO®, the new disruptive solution of its longtime partner Savoye.

ODATiO<sup>®</sup> deploys in Italy for Bruneau, Savoye's longtime customer

A major European player in the furniture, equipment and office supplies for professionals sector , Bruneau has been offering its customers – companies, administrations, local authorities, liberal professions and freelancers – a wide choice of products meeting their needs for more than 60 years. As part of its development strategy in Europe, already present in Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain, Bruneau recently acquired Office Depot in Italy.  

This acquisition is the subject of an agreement allowing Bruneau to make use of the Office Depot Group’s IT services until the end of 2022. During this period of time, Bruneau must take up an important challenge: to set up a complete new information system, ranging from website to customer management through accounting and logistics. On this latter point, Bruneau has maintained a strong partnership with SAVOYE for nearly two decades: “We are two long-standing partners who know each other well and work closely together. Their LM WMS is in place at our French site of Ulis (91) and at our Spanish warehouse, near Barcelona. SAVOYE supports us in both software and warehouse technology aspects“, explains André Etchemendy, CIO of JM Bruneau. 

ODATiO®, the logistics solution of a European core model

“SAVOYE‘s LM WMS is an integral part of our core information systems model. Eager to apply our core IT model to all our European sites, Bruneau therefore naturally called on SAVOYE to equip our new Italian warehouse, located in Siziano, near Milan. ” adds André Etchemendy. On the advice of its partner, in an overall desire to control lead times and improve quality of execution and service, the company has opted forSAVOYE’s latest generation WMS: ODATiO®.

On this 10,000 m2 platform covering the entire Italian territory, some 12,000 references are stored and 1,000 parcels transit daily for two brands: Office Depot and Viking. “At this new facility, our main problem lies in deadline management. The deployment of our core model brings together 7 to 8 key projects that must be completed simultaneously. This is a major challenge for us, but also for SAVOYE that must perfectly integrate ODATiO® while respecting our schedule. SAVOYE knows our challenges and our teams. We know their expertise and their seriousness. This relationship has thus allowed us to prepare and launch the project effectively, with total confidence,” explains André Etchemendy.

Innovation and modularity for productivity 

ODATiO<sup>®</sup> deploys in Italy for Bruneau, Savoye's longtime customer

Seduced by ODATiO®‘s ergonomic interface and design, Bruneau is also confident in the solution’s ability to integrate with systems with the same interface formats previously used via LM Connect. “ODATiO® is a well-thought-out modular solution, which seems to capitalize on all of SAVOYE’s logistics know-how. We expect greater reliability and productivity in our preparation processes, lower costs and improved quality of service“, says André Etchemendy. SAVOYE will deliver the solution in early 2022 to allow its customer to roll out its European core model at the beginning of the summer in its Italian subsidiary. With this in mind, ODATiO® should then replace LM in France and Spain.