Savoye further innovates with its all-new mobile robotics solution

As part of its constant innovative approach, Savoye unveils a mobile robotics solution that is unique on the supply chain market. This solution, based on autonomous and collaborative robots, combining its logistics expertise and its experience in logistics flows, is now on the market.

For some years now, mobile robotics has been establishing itself in warehouses. Driven by the development of many solutions from innovative start-ups or from more industrial applications, these autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are intended to assist operators in their daily tasks. They facilitate and optimize storage and order picking operations in many industries, including e-commerce, industry and retail. 

Though at Savoye, an expert in supply chain-specific software and technologies, the subject has already been addressed for a few years, the company was keen to structure a truly innovative approach to the subject, dedicated specifically to in-warehouse applications. "Our automation and intralogistics solutions are now recognized and have proven to be effective on high-flow volumes. We thus wanted to supplement our offer and address some of our customers' other needs, with a flexible solution to assist operators, for smaller flows, which can be deployed without on-site construction", begins Marc-Antoine FERNET, Head of Robotics & New Technology Products at SAVOYE. 

A flexible and scalable solution for pick-and-pack picking

Dedicated first and foremost to pick-and-pack picking, the solution is based on the association of autonomous mobile robots and connected shelves on which the packages to be picked are positioned. After retrieving an available shelf, loaded with packages, each robot will move from position to position until all orders have been picked. As for operators, they will stay in their picking areas: Savoye’s WaCS software allocates them, in real time and in an optimal manner, meetings with the robots. "We believe it is essential that the operator focusses on high value-added operations. We have thus established a clear principle: the operator and the robot do not follow each other. They meet", says Marc-Antoine FERNET. 

To make this happen, Savoye relies on its experience in operational research and artificial intelligence. “Beyond the robot itself, the added value of our solution is based on our knowledge of business flows and its smart management. These enable us to optimize the grouping of packages to minimize journeys, and to orchestrate the real-time synchronization of meetings between operators and robots”, adds the Head of Robotics & New Technology Products at SAVOYE.

The operational gains are clear to see: increased operator performance and elimination of the most arduous tasks, with a solution that can be implemented directly in an existing stock picking system.


Combining mobile robotics and automation to optimize the supply chain

Savoye further innovates with its all-new mobile robotics solutionOperating in accordance with the virtual stations principle, Savoye’s mobile robotics solution is an alternative to the classic picking in stations system based on conveyors. It can also be used in addition to a mechanized line, positioned between the automated box forming and closing zones, via interfacing with Savoye’s INTELIS® plug&play conveyors.

Rapidly deployable, Savoye’s mobile robotics solution is particularly intuitive and easy to use on a daily basis – managing the reloading of the robots is automatic, and adding robots is easily done.

Flexible, it is offered for purchase or as a Robot-as-a-Service. The latter offers the user perfect control over its costs, enabling it to add and remove robots and shelves depending on their needs. Therefore, the solution is totally scalable and can be changed depending on the season and growth in business activity.

Deployed internally on one of Savoye's platforms, the system is already being discussed with textile, leisure equipment and spare parts companies. 

Integrating natively with Savoye’s WMS, the mobile robotics solution can also be applied to the pick-then-pack picking process, to deal with collections and returns management operations. Savoye is already planning the development of accessories to widen the possible applications: collection box, on-board conveyor, automated shelves, etc.