SAVOYE is offering OPHTALMIC COMPAGNIE a new perspective for logistics

Ophtalmic Compagnie, a major player in the sale and distribution of contact lenses and prescription glasses, is expanding its business and is relying on Savoye’s expertise to adapt its intra-logistics processes to this major growth.

A pioneer in the multi-brand distribution of contact lenses and related lens care products, Ophtalmic Compagnie has been supporting its optician, ophthalmologist and pharmacist customers in the sale and distribution of optical products since 1986. One in five contact lenses are now distributed in France by the company, and this geographic coverage extends to Europe. With double-digit growth and keen to incorporate the manufacturing and production of high-end glasses into its expertise, the retailer, which has been operating from a new 5,000 m2 (over 53,000 square feet) building in Villepinte (93), France since June 2019, wanted to overhaul its processes to increase productivity. To achieve this, the company called on Savoye, a specialist in intra-logistics. 

Previously equipped with around thirty rotating vertical storage units to process four families of products: contact lenses, spectacle lenses, cleansing lotions and food supplements for eye care, Ophtalmic Compagnie modernized its operations when moving to its new warehouse and installed Savoye’s Goods-To-Person robotic picking solution.

Automating to provide better quality service

The idea? Process over 20,000 individual products in stock via the simplest or most complex picking processes, including individual name-alloted picking for prescription glasses for end customers. To make this happen, a series of tests were carried out between February and March 2019 on the installation and its software tools – the WCS that pilots the system and Savoye’s WMS LM XT, both interfaced to Ophthalmic Compagnie’s X3 ERP. At the end of March 2019, the company started operating the installation while maintaining its commitment to customers – delivery in the morning for the afternoon or the next day before 5 p.m.  

Before, during and after our move to the new site, Savoye supported us in maintaining our operations. Now, we are fully familiar with our tool and offer market-leading service in a highly competitive market. We are achieving high levels of productivity and will soon reach the optimum level defined with Savoye“, explained Nathanel SLAMA, Logistics Manager at Ophthalmic Compagnie. “The expected productivity of our solution is around 400 containers per hour. That will enable Ophthalmic Compagnie to optimize traceability, become more efficient and integrate its glass surfacing laboratory with a consistent level of staff“, explained Thierry PAIRE, a Sales Engineer at Savoye in contact with Ophthalmic Compagnie.


Site Ophtalmic Compagny équipé de matériel Savoye

The Ophtalmic Compagnie’s site in Villepinte (93)

Developing its skills and growth

At the same time as this automation project, Ophthalmic Compagnie has been developing its business through the creation of a glass surfacing workshop: “The automation of order picking should never be synonymous with a threat of job losses. On the contrary, for the forty or so employees involved in order picking, this was a real opportunity to acquire new skills or even change jobs, while continuing their adventures with Ophthalmic Compagnie. Some of our operators moved from order picking to become maintenance or even production technicians. The installation of the X-PTS® solution enabled us to develop job profiles, bring about changes in terms of jobs and to develop new promising activities“, pointed out Nathanel Slama.

Ophthalmic Compagnie is also studying numerous developments – the installation of a third X-PTS® line and changes to its packaging with the use of JIVARO® machines. “We will soon reach our target of 30% growth, so we will have to develop our system in cooperation with our partner Savoye“, concluded Nathanel Slama