SAVOYE shows Haipick robot at demo centre LOG!VILLE

Jan 2022 – After the announcement of the partnership with HAI ROBOTICS, Savoye installed a special demonstration setup of the HAIPICK solution at Log!Ville, the innovation and  experience centre in Niel, near Antwerp. Nowhere else in Europe can logistics managers get ‘live’ acquainted with a similar demo.

Savoye shows Haipick robot at demo centre LOG!VILLE

The brand new Haipick solution is a combination of autonomous, mobile robots, which place or pick boxes and trays from shelving up to 7 meters high, together with SAVOYE’s proprietary systems, such as the X-PTS® picking stations and the WMS control software. The Haipick solution is aimed at medium to large sized enterprises with slow and ‘medium-fast’ picking operations, primarily with an average to large number of SKUs. It fits in a market segment between manual picking and, for example, advanced shuttle systems. One of its major strengths is the scalability: an installation simply grows together with the company.

Log!Ville, a combination of digital experiences and a physical test centre

Log!Ville, located in the Science Park of Niel, opened on 4 October 2021 and was established with the support of the VIL(Flemish Institute for Logistics), the European Fund for Regional development and the Antwerp Provincial Development Agency. It is a 2500 m² large demonstration and experience centre for logistics, where companies can discover and try the latest solutions. The impressive demonstration hall showcases the latest proven supply chain technologies. Log!Ville also has state-of-the-art meeting facilities, perfect for knowledge sharing and co-creation.

SAVOYE is one of the seven Innovation Partners of Log!Ville. In addition to an information booth, SAVOYE now showcases a unique set-up of the Haipick robot solution. The demo was installed in less than a week and consists of two 4.2 meter high racks, a robot and an order picking station.

Savoye shows Haipick robot at demo centre LOG!VILLE

Peter de Henau, Managing Director of SAVOYE Benelux, explains: “We see Log!Ville as a great place to exchange new ideas. SAVOYE has launched several innovations during the past year and one of them, the Haipick solution, is now set up in the demonstration centre. We would like this initiative to be called “consultative” marketing. Unlike at a trade show, here we are able to make customers more aware of the need for innovation, as Log!Ville is a much broader platform with multiple partners. That is also why we see Log!Ville as a market accelerator for innovative solutions. Finally, it is very convenient for us that Niel is close to our new office in Breda, so we can easily bring visiting customers to Niel.”

Log!Ville visitors can now admire the new Haipick installation ‘live’ in the demonstration centre and book a fully guided tour. More on