Savy, early-adopter customer of ODATiO software solution

Savy, early-adopter customer of ODATiO software solution, and SAVOYE: A two-way collaboration, from optimization to logistics innovation

Accompanied for more than 10 years by the designer of logistics solutions and software editor for the supply chain, SAVOYE, the French manufacturer of tools for the application of paints and decoration, Savy, pursues its development, driven by the innovations of the software editor. Savy is the first customer to use ODATiO, SAVOYE’s new software solution, a native cloud, embedding WMS and TMS in the same application.

Since 1836, Savy has been designing, manufacturing and marketing complete ranges of brushes, paint rollers, tools and accessories for the painter. Located in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, in Privas (France, Ardèche), the French tool manufacturer addresses distributors specialized in DIY and professionals in the sector through a multi-channel strategy. With a turnover of 10 million euros in 2020 and about fifty employees, Savy provides its services all over France. 

A first successful logistics optimization

In 2006, in an effort to modernize its logistics, then managed from its production site in Privas, Savy acquired a plot of land a few kilometers away in Le Pouzin and had a 5,000 m2 building built there, adapted to its specific business needs. One year later, in 2007, he exchanged the traditional paper/pencil duo for a storage and order preparation system managed by SAVOYE’s WMS LOGYS. 

In order to ensure the management of its 1,450 references in stock and the dispatch of orders within 24 hours, Savy transfers the goods daily from its production site in Privas to that of Le Pouzin: 65% come directly from its own production while the remaining 35% come from European traders and Asian subcontractors. “Our clientele is quite large, from large DIY stores to wholesalers, as well as private individuals and building professionals. Our methods of preparation and dispatch must therefore adapt to different constraints and specificities. LOGYS allows us to ensure this logistic heterogeneity on a daily basis“, explains Christophe Chaix, Savy’s General Manager. 

New developments for a first-adopter customer of ODATiO, innovative solution  

At the end of 2017, 10 years after the birth of their partnership, Savy and SAVOYE are embarking on a new technological adventure together. 

SAVOYE offered us the opportunity to test their brand new solution, now called ODATiO. Given the quality of the relationship and our level of satisfaction with their software we had, we naturally responded and agreed to implement the WM solution“, announces Christophe Chaix.

At the beginning of 2018, the two partners took over the functional analysis and transferred the data into the new WM solution and add new functionalities in order to continue the logistic optimization started a few years earlier. Based on a web technology, scalable and flexible, the new solution developed by SAVOYE is installed in November 2019. SAVY now has user configuration via business rules; it can receive customer returns in declarative mode, manage supplier disputes with integrated photo capture, perform packing on stock and massification, perform quality controls at the end of preparation. As a multi-media application (PC, tablets), the new ODATiO solution provides labeling and carrier EDI tools, dashboards, an associated document viewer and sends notifications. 

In addition, since the start of production, SAVY teams can benefit, through version upgrades, from new functionalities implemented in the product: cross dock, advanced mass, manufacturing, etc.

ODATiO allows today to consider the implementation of additional functionalities, especially on the e-commerce part and performance indicators, as well as the reduction of maintenance costs via a remote intervention from the web platform.