Socah Distribution selects Savoye to equip its future logistics platform

To support its digital transformation and alongside this, the general overhaul of its logistics, Socah Distribution, a leading retailer of tires, inner tubes and wheels, has chosen Savoye to optimize the management of its future logistics platform at the Marseille Fos Port.

Since 2017, Socah Distribution, a leading distributor of tires in the agricultural, public works, civil engineering and forestry sectors, has been undergoing significant changes to its business activity. It has digitized its order acceptance system, implemented EDIs with its main customers, and is now actively working on developing its vendor website and digitizing its documents. These changes undoubtedly affect its supply chain.

Socah Distribution currently has 40,000 m2 (430,556 sq. ft.) of warehouse space split over 4 depots. By April 2021, the distributor will group three of its warehouses into a single platform located at the Marseille Fos Port, which will store 200,000 tires, 250,000 inner tubes and 75,000 wheels. This is a major development for the distribution company – a result of a vast digitization strategy that it started in 2017: “Founded in 1947, Socah Distribution has considerable expertise and experience which we put to good use to serve our customers efficiently. That’s why we wanted to update our 50-year-old model, to improve our economic performance and develop a real advantage for our customers”, explains Sacha Expert, Managing Director of Socah Distribution.

A digital-driven logistics overhaul

To facilitate the importation of its 5,000 individual product lines and to provide efficient service to over 4,000 professional customers within 24 to 48 hours, Socah Distribution has decided to significantly overhaul its logistics. Implementation of a flow approach instead of a product approach: new inventory management and implementation of a dedicated warehouse software program for optimized organization, which was previously handled manually, are just some of its priorities.

To support this project, the company contacted a specialized consultant and launched a call for tenders for a WMS with half a dozen publishers on the market. What were its expectations? Business expertise, the ability to manage assemblies, multi-site organization and the possibility of managing meetings, while ensuring a simple interface with its ERP. Savoye and its MAGISTOR® WMS were the first choice and met all requirements. “We have just completed the functional analysis, in accordance with the commitments undertaken, with the aim of receiving the first goods at our new logistics platform by mid-April. Thanks to MAGISTOR®, we hope to guarantee our delivery times with the best performance, in France and abroad, in Europe, Africa and French overseas departments and territories”, adds Sacha Expert.

Ultimately, MAGISTOR® will also be used to manage e-commerce orders. In the meantime, Socah Distribution will continue with its digital transformation and in the near future, intends to develop other sales channels such as marketplaces.