X-PTS solution from SAVOYE is on the rise in large warehouses

Adaptable to different warehouses dimensions where the X-PTS optimizes volume storage, and equipped with high-performance GTP (goods-to-person) workstations, the X-PTS system from SAVOYE is particularly requested by major retailers looking for productivity. In 2022, SAVOYE completed its largest X-PTS installations, and many ongoing projects confirm this trend towards larger-scale solutions.

In 2022, SAVOYE has expanded its sales of X-PTS solutions in Europe and the United States, for systems ranging from 6 to 12 aisles, including from 200 to 400 shuttles and up to 20 meters in height. These large-scale facilities make it possible to manage several hundred thousand references at major players in distribution and production.

High-speed automated preparation chosen by the distribution and production industries

In the United States, a large industrial meat warehouse has recently been implemented. The world’s largest X-PTS automated storage facility, with 12 X-PTS aisles on 30 levels, buffers a steady stream of production boxes and powers palletizing robots, all in cool environments.

In France, one of the leaders in the distribution of DIY equipment chose to increase the logistics of its warehouse in the Paris region and double its storage area. Already equipped with a solution combining reception stations, picking stations and X-PTS goods-to-person system, the warehouse will integrate five new X-PTS aisles in 2023 and acquire a shipping buffer, to serve 12 order picking stations and ensure the new deliveries expected to new stores in France.

History repeats itself with a supplier of automotive accessories, near Orleans, which has chosen to get equipped with an automated storage system and centralize its European distribution. From the start the solution is initially designed to be scalable and while 4 X-PTS aisles were delivered in 2022, the distributor anticipated the possible installation of a 5th aisle as well as an additional GTP station.

In Belgium, SAVOYE delivered a logistics installation in 2022 to a medical equipment manufacturer wishing to boost and simplify its ability to respond to online orders. The installation includes 6 X-PTS aisles, combined with 10 GTP stations and integrated into a complete solution including automatic launch, station preparation, packaging machines and palletizing area.

Around the world and sometimes via integrators, automated storage solutions X-PTS finds its users in the frozen food industry such as New Zealand, and with major supply chain players such as the United Kingdom or Italy.


Adapting to different logistics configurations: the key to the success of X-PTS solutions

The ability to adapt the X-PTS system to many configurations makes it possible to meet the application needs of very different customers: from logistics centers requiring compact and productive order picking, to manufacturers requiring palletizing buffers or integrated into production processes.

This is why X-PTS systems generally combine several SAVOYE technologies: station preparation systems, conveyors, packaging machines for forming, reducing height and closing cartons, palletizing buffers, etc. But they also connect easily with technologies from third-party partners for robotic palletizing, for example, miniloads or high-speed sorters.

For goods-to-person preparation solutions, one of the major advantages is the design of the X-PTS Pick Station, which combines very high productivity with excellent ergonomics for operators, thanks to its operation in “1 plug container to 1 drop-off container” mode.

The advantage of the X-PTS storage solution also lies in its flexibility, both in terms of the maximum permissible formats and weights and in the ability to operate at room temperature, in cool and negative cold environments, down to -25°C.

Frédéric Zielinski, head of EMEA Business Unit of SAVOYE adds: “Our customers adopt the X-PTS for its modularity and performance, and they end up buying a complete equipment and software solution for the simplicity of implementation and modern control of their logistics center.”

Complete warehouse automation and management in a single offer

To each project, SAVOYE brings its expertise as a provider of complete intralogistics solutions thanks to its technologies and software complementarity which provides a more compact, efficient, modular and easy-to-use installation.

Many recent projects have made it possible to take advantage of technological expertise including automated storage, packaging and picking equipment, but also WMS and WCS software. As an example, a construction equipment supplier has chosen to equip its warehouse with 3 X-PTS aisles controlled via the WCS SAVOYE and in interface with the new WMS ODATiO for delivery in 2023. The same goes for one of the customers in the luxury industry who chose the complete solution to ensure a single interface between equipment and software.

Indeed, for the logistician or the manufacturer, it is the guarantee of a turnkey solution, scalable and easy to integrate with a single and expert company… as SAVOYE is a designer, manufacturer, integrator and provides a complete after-sales service, bringing the human added value essential to the proper functioning of the technology.

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