In a world where the Supply Chain is a sure way of boosting the competitiveness and performance of companies, logistics organizations must demonstrate their agility in responding to the increasingly pronounced requirements of a changing market. This is precisely the reason for creating ODATiO.

ODATiO is the product of more than 30 years of experience in designing and delivering Supply Chain Execution software and is a smart solution, comprising an embedded WMS and TMS in the same application. Its modular, scalable and innovative format has been designed to boost the flexibility and efficiency of your business and to, thereby, support you in all your challenges. Whatever your current constraints and future challenges, ODATIO adapts to your situation in a standard, gradual manner and supports your development goals.  


With ODATiO, take control of your supply chain !








Incorporating a WMS and TMS within the same solution, ODATiO allows you to gradually activate modules to expand your functional scope as necessary.


ODATiO is an application that is continually enhanced with new standard modules and continuous access to upgrades of existing features.


ODATiO provides complete visibility of your warehousing and transport activities by means of a dedicated, multi-site, interactive and fully customizable scheduling cockpit.



Available in the form of SaaS, On-Premise and in the Cloud, ODATiO works perfectly with automated, robotized, AI and Machine Learning systems​.


Thanks to its extensive capacity for flow synchronization, preparation order prioritization, and picking optimization, ODATiO accelerates the performance of your service levels.


ODATiO continuously adapts to your market requirements and to changes in your business model thanks to fully configurable business rules and workflows.




WMS/TMS: the criteria for choosing a good solution 

When initiating a WMS/TMS project, several criteria must be observed in order to make the right choice. If the functional and technological aspect is an important part of the selection, you should not forget to choose your supplier carefully. Real partner during your project, but also on the long term, his experience, skills and references are essential points that you will have to validate before starting.


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