Frédéric Bouchet, appointed Software Sales Director of Savoye’s Europe Business Unit

Joined SAVOYE in 2018, with more than 25 years of experience in the worlds of sales, consulting and software, Frédéric Bouchet will be responsible for expanding the sales development of the Advanced Software for the supply chain activity through Europe and the Middle East. This development extension will be strengthened by IT and business support as well as high-level and sustainable quality of service to customers and prospects.

A graduate of INSEEC Bordeaux, having passed through England and the United States, Frédéric Bouchet finally began his career in France at Cegid, management software solutions. Consulting activities ensued, notably around the SaaS model at Capgemini Consulting as well as around ten years at SFR Business in sales and customer service management positions. 

Motivated by a project "of ambitious deployment of logistics applications to Savoye customers and prospects, and of significant technological contributions", and also by "the quality of exchanges and human relations" prevailing within the company, Frédéric Bouchet joined SAVOYE in September 2018 to take responsibility for customer sales support activities there.

Backed by his experience in software environments, consulting, SaaS and business development, Frédéric Bouchet is now working as Software Sales Director for the European Business unit in Savoye, led by Frédéric Zielinski.  On his subject, the BU Europe Director, Frédéric Zielinski, gives a motivating speech: "Beyond his knowledge and skills in terms of SaaS, IT, supply chain and our customers' businesses, combined to his ability to support the development and growth programme planned at Savoye, Frédéric also benefits from a powerful desire to succeed as a team, to draw on each other's strengths so that we can meet our targets collectively".

Picture of Frédéric Bouchet Software Sales Director of Savoye's Europe Business Unit

Frédéric Bouchet, Software Sales Director of Savoye’s Europe Business Unit

Affirming the will for the sales development of the Advanced Software range 

As part of Savoye's new strategy, combining its software business for the supply chain and intralogistics technologies under a single brand, Frédéric Bouchet will manage 25 employees, responsible for the commercial development of software business, customer support and the proper development of applications and functional evolutions. 

This reorganization is part of a strong desire for commercial development in the Benelux, France, Italy and the Middle East, but is also intended to continuously improve the service provided to customers: "We intend to continue our efforts to provide our customers and prospects, no matter where they are located in the world, with high levels of business functionality, therefore enabling them to overcome their logistic challenges, and to support them in further IT developments, increasingly oriented towards SaaS, all with an excellent level of service and proximity".

To do this, Frédéric Bouchet has set up the function of Customer Success Manager, whose role is to ensure a high level of customer understanding and satisfaction in all circumstances.