SAVOYE announces its partnership with the Norwegian company Sone 4

SAVOYE announces its partnership with the Norwegian company Sone 4, which becomes a SAVOYE WMS/TMS ODATiO software integrator for Scandinavia.

SAVOYE, the leading global warehouse automation integrator, and Supply Chain Execution software publisher has just signed a new partnership agreement with Sone 4, a Norwegian company expert in WMS integration. This partnership aims to deploy the SAVOYE ODATiO WMS/TMS software solution in Scandinavia.

The companies first met in September 2022 as Sone 4 wanted to promote a new tool combining modernity, modularity, and advanced features to its customers.

Glenn-Ove, founder of Sone 4 explains: “we have already customers using our WMS system today, but with ODATiO we will be able to supply bigger companies in a variety of marked segment as this WMS is a more modern and standardized product. We have already prospects for deploying it. When I discovered ODATiO, I was very positively impressed. Our customers also appreciate how much they can do themselves with ODATiO and we believe we can please them with the product. One of the key points that makes this WMS a good system, is that it is standardized but also adjustable and that it has an overall modern look and feel. Expertise of SAVOYE in automation is also a key differentiator when wanting you as our partner.

From left to right: Bruno Lacoste, SAVOYE partnership manager advanced software, Herve Aubert, Director for partnership SAVOYE, Glenn-Ove Forsland CEO of Sone 4, Victorien Grandguillaume, Partner sales engineer SAVOYE and Dan Ørjan Bjerkenås, Software developer Sone 4.


With this partnership Sone 4 can rely onto SAVOYE support to integrate the ODATiO software and address new larger customers in Norway, Sweden, or Denmark.

For SAVOYE this new partnership is an opportunity as Sone 4 is an integrator with experience in implementation and support of WMS solutions. It is a reliable way to promote the ODATiO new WMS in the Nordic countries where there are potential big companies interested in this software.

Herve Aubert, Indirect Sales manager at SAVOYE: “Today we are willing to develop our presence in Nordic countries, where we already have a partner integrating SAVOYE’s range of packing machines. The partnership with Sone 4 will help us to build up our image in Scandinavia regarding supply chain execution software. The Nordic countries show a real interest in high level WMS solutions. Having Sone 4 as a partner is a key asset to penetrate this market based on their knowledge of the local requirements and experience with WMS implementation…

Next step for Sone 4: rebranding the company based on this partnership to promote ODATiO and capitalize on training and coaching sessions with the teams in the next few months.


About Sone 4: Sone 4 is a Software integration company team including software developers and designers in Norway which expects to expand quickly notably with the SAVOYE ODATiO WMS commercialization and integration. The company is based in Lillestrøm, close to Oslo.