To support the expected growth, SAVOYE announces to entrust the management of its Italian branch to Massimo Cecchinato

After working for nearly ten years with other suppliers of intralogistics solutions, Massimo Cecchinato joins SAVOYE to develop its activity on the Italian market to support its objectives of global growth in Europe.

Mr. Cecchinato studied Industrial Architecture at IUAV University in Venice, where he graduated in 2000. He then worked for a Spanish company in engineering, procurement and industrial construction. After gaining his first experience in logistic solutions in an Italian company, he joined Swisslog to develop the Italian and European markets.

SAVOYE's global orientation and advanced high-performance technologies appealed to Mr. Cecchinato: "SAVOYE has created 3 strong brands, each with a distinctive feature in its sector: INTELIS for automated systems, A-SIS for software solutions such as WMS and TMS and PRODEX, dynamic storage solutions and material handling equipment ". SAVOYE's ability to support large and medium-sized companies in the global automation of their logistics, and its strong business experience are assets for the Italian market.

The overall goal of SAVOYE is to be among the top 20 companies on the global list of logistic solution providers. To succeed, the company is based on two pillars: firstly, the deployment of continuous research and development efforts and, secondly, the expansion of its areas of action. Savoye, for example, is starting to market its automated intralogistics solutions in China and the United States.

For Italy, Mr. Cecchinato is in charge of the development of new business and the relationship with customers already in the portfolio. It will structure an organization and integrate the 3 brands into a single point of contact for Italian customers. The Italian market is both large (180 million euros for automated systems) and fragmented. As a highly competitive market, Savoye will use the strength of its cutting-edge knowledge and high-performance smart technologies to bring solutions to different actors, such as: logistics service providers, e-retailers, distributors, wholesalers … for different sectors: office supplies, food processing, textiles …

In addition to the added values of SAVOYE in the field of experience and technology, Mr. Cecchinato points out its singularity: "SAVOYE is not a manufacturer of machines or equipment, it is actually an engineering-integrator that designs and develops the best solution for the customer. The ability to adapt to standard systems allows us to develop tailor-made solutions. For the Italian customer, in particular, it is interesting to note that the French markets on which SAVOYE has based its experience have many similarities with the growing Italian markets ; so SAVOYE has a solid knowledge of the sectors that meets the needs of Italian customers. "