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Goods-to-person pick stations

Ergonomics for increased performance!

Products and solutions

HAIPICK mobile robot system by SAVOYE

HAIPICK is a flexible and easily scalable stocking and destocking technology for lightweight loads.

Products and solutions

MAGMATIC, automated pallet storage

Rethink your stock in a different way

Products and solutions

X-PTS® Shuttle systems

X-PTS is a high-performance technology that will form the core of your goods-to-person and goods-to-robot solutions.

Products and solutions

Robotic lockers

Picking up orders outside the store’s opening hours… This is possible thanks to Savoye’s robotic locker, which offers a temperature controlled click & collect service.

Products and solutions


Enhance your brand image with high quality packaging

Products and solutions

PAC 600

The PAC 600 range: products delivered in perfect condition!

Products and solutions


Anticipate risks and optimize the use of your automated equipment with built-in data science algorithms that allow your system to adapt to the dynamic conditions in your warehouse.  

Products and solutions


With MAGISTOR, a simple and ergonomic WMS, organize all your logistics operations from goods inwards to shipping.