Savoye Advanced Technologies déploie sa nouvelle stratégie autour du full service

With the recent appointment of Thomas Michaut as the Head of Customer Service for Savoye Advanced Technologies, the intralogistics specialist unveils its full service offering and confirms its position as an expert advisor to its clients. 

Although tools and technologies are essential for the supply chain to function smoothly, the related services are equally as important in supporting logistics organizations facing increasingly complex constraints. In an uncertain environment where resilience and flexibility are the order of the day, warehouse performance needs to be sustainable. In order to guarantee its clients continuity of service and ongoing commitment, Savoye Advanced Technologies teams have developed a new range of modular and bespoke services. “Our clients are expecting an increased commitment in terms of response rates. We provide far more than just a straightforward maintenance service by offering them support and advice. In order for the automation of logistics processes to be successful, it is essential to adopt the available tools, to establish precise and bespoke maintenance plans and, ultimately, to have complete control of your facility in order to improve daily performance and profitability”, explains Thomas Michaut, Head of Customer Service for Savoye Advanced Technologies. 

Comprehensive maintenance services and support

To this end, Savoye is devoting the know-how of its people and its technologies to the professionalization of maintenance. Every year, the company receives 5000 client tickets, makes a thousand on-site visits and processes more 4000 spare parts items. Audit, estimating hourly volumes and technical resources, recruitment assistance, commitment to availability rates, failure modes, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA), etc. For many years, Savoye has been offering a wide range of services, in the form of weekly, monthly or full service undertakings.  

It is exactly this concept of “full service” that Savoye is now expanding in order to meet its clients’ increasing need for responsiveness. By means of this package, on-site technicians, committed to an availability rate established in advance with the client, will provide a maintenance engineering service for the technologies deployed. At the same time, a dedicated plan is put in place, using CMMS maintenance and monitoring software, ensuring the most detailed scheduling of everyday actions and enabling a commitment to be made in terms of the availability of equipment. “Our clients have a visualization solution for providing information by working day or month. Savoye then analyses the data to optimize the maintenance processes, correct possible faults, better distribute loads and develop constructive action plans”, elaborates Thomas Michaut.

Thomas Michaut, Head of Customer Service for Savoye Advanced Technologies

Data in the service of predictive maintenance

Work on the basis of data is proceeding with the specific aim of going further in the processing of data and the monitoring of equipment, with the objective of offering greater predictability in future. “We are working on various levels: on equipment and engineering of course, as well as on the IoT and Big Data, with the aim of combining everything to move towards maintenance that is no longer simply curative and preventive but genuinely predictive”, concludes Thomas Michaut.