Savoye USA Team

Solution development tailored to your needs and growth prospects

Combining in-house software and technologies with selected third-party systems

SAVOYE advanced solutions make it easier to solve complex supply chain systems to deliver better services, faster results and lower costs. We are committed to act as a long-term and trusted partner for our clients, by supporting them throughout their business journey and challenges. We provide end to end solutions, with the capability to work on small to large-scale projects, in fully manual or highly automated warehouses.


Boost end customer satisfaction

Secure all logistic processes and improve the end customer’s experience.

Increase overall performance

Take logistics execution to the next level and improve the efficiency of your business.

Face uncertainty

Anticipate business changes and adapt your processes to new business models.

Enjoy a durable information system

Manage and trace all logistic flows thanks to adaptable and scalable software.

Control operational costs

Reduce packaging and transport expenses and respond easily to labor shortages.

Improve storage compactness

Use its full height and extend the life of your warehouse.

Reduce delivery leadtime

Improve picking reactivity and the processing of urgent orders.

Master data and forecasting

Combine historical data to better orecast demand and anticipate workload.

Turn into a supply chain hero

Access new technologies, deploy innovations by selecting high-stakes activities.

Tailored software for the Supply Chain Execution

Web and store orders orchestration

Orchestrate your omnichannel, e-commerce and store orders

Multi-warehouse unified visibility

Real-time stock visibility for each site

Goods arrival & Storage

Optimized reception and storage of goods


Optimized picking for lower error rate and better operator comfort

Labour Management

To plan the work of the operators according to the upcoming load.

Shipping optimization & grouping

Shipment grouping for transport optimization and cost reduction

Transportation appointments & Yard management

Synchronizing of truck loading and unloading operations for dock optimization

Shipment Track&Trace

Track your package wherever it is

Transportation financial management

Implementation of transportation plans for better financial management.

Tailored intralogitistics solutions

Préparation de commandes automatisée Savoye

Automated and robotized picking

Unit and case picking in goods-to-person mode, parcel buffer before palletizing

Préparation de commandes mécanisée Savoye

Mechanized picking

Zone-to-zone picking and product sorting with high-speed sorters

Préparation de commandes manuelle Savoye

Manual picking

Pick to cart and ventilation cabinets in put-to-light and pick-to-light modes

Parcels sorting

High-speed sorters for courier express deliveries

Buffer Pallet Savoye

Buffer palettes

For mass storage and sequenced feed of shipping area

Bringing you the most appropriate solution

Our logistics experience going back more than 30 years and our in-depth knowledge of many business sectors are the foundations of our expertise. With more than 1000 sites deployed all over the world, we support you through all the phases of your projects, from design to integration and day-to-day maintenance.

Six steps to designing the solution that meets your needs


Listening and discussing

Understanding your context, your issues, your challenges, and your aims


Analyzing your context

Examining your process, IT ecosystem and logistic data


Setting the course

Defining the direction depending on investment and business growth scenarios


Approaches and recommendations

Recommandations about process, system and functional features


Defining your flow scheme

Logical modeling combining intralogistics processes and integration to the IT ecosystem


Refining your solution

Detailed configuration and defining the operation of your processes


Our teams are here for you

Our project managers and functional consultants will guide you through every phase of the implementation of your solution, giving you the benefit of their logistical and methodological experience at every stage. They will coordinate the design analysis, consulting, configuration, development, testing, training, and commissioning assistance. This is done in close collaboration with your own team, to ensure the success of your project.


Testing and validating your solution before implementation

In the design phase, setting up a digital twin to predict and secure the performance of your automated solution. This digital twin incorporates the complete modeling of your system and your logistics data. It is used to optimize the control algorithms and improve overall flow, to reduce the total preparation time. This reduces the test times on your site, and guarantees the future successful operation of your solution.