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Customer stories


After an in-depth benchmarking process, Notino chose the SAVOYE solution to enhance the experience and satisfaction of its customers.

Customer stories

Pichon (video)

Every year, Papeteries Pichon supplies 40% of France’s primary and nursery schools for the back-to-school season. To equip its new ultra-modern site, France’s No. 1 distributor of school supplies called on SAVOYE.

Customer stories


Discover how Bigben Interactive, a major player in digital entertainment and telephony, relies on SAVOYE’s global expertise to strengthen its logistics facilities in Lauwin-Planque and meet its ambitions to become one of the world’s leaders, with powerful, automated and forward-looking logistics for the future.

Products and solutions

Our WES solution: KWEST (video)

Discover KWEST, our Warehouse Execution System, to manage your automated and robotized systems in real time, thanks to a unique execution engine.

Products and solutions

ODATiO, the modular WMS, TMS, OMS solution (video)

In this video, we show you how ODATiO, the modular end-to-end solution, is revolutionizing your supply chain management, enabling you to take control of your logistics and meet all your challenges, thanks to its innovative spirit, modularity and powerful business rules engine.


SAVOYE: your one-stop-partner for comprehensive, tailor-made support

At SAVOYE, our objective is clear: from a single, unique range, deliver a turnkey solution of leading-edge systems capable of handling all your logistics issues.
Discover our brochure now!

Products and solutions

KWEST: synchronize and optimize your automated and robotic equipment in real-time

Discover how KWEST can revolutionize your warehouse management and help you reach new heights in logistics efficiency. Download the brochure now.

Products and solutions

ODATiO: end-to-end solution for supply chain excellence

As the result of more than 35 years of experience in designing and
publishing supply chain execution software, ODATiO offers an intelligent, modular approach that integrates WMS, TMS and OMS within a single application. Download the brochure now.

Expert Talks

Dive into the heart of innovation with Aurélien LEGUY, head of innovation at SAVOYE

At SAVOYE, innovation is more than just a concept; it’s a reality that meets today’s challenges and shapes the future of the supply chain.