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Expert Talks

Dive into the heart of innovation with Aurélien LEGUY, head of innovation at SAVOYE

At SAVOYE, innovation is more than just a concept; it’s a reality that meets today’s challenges and shapes the future of the supply chain.

Expert Talks

Join us!

Maëlys de Chiffreville, Global Human Resources Director gives you all the keys to join SAVOYE.

Expert Talks

Optimize your skills for efficient logistics with SAVOYE!

We offer a wide range of standard and customized training courses, available in face-to-face, virtual classroom or e-learning formats.
Discover them with Anna!

White papers and articles

B2B INTEGRATION PLATFORM: how to succeed with your project

Reduce costs, improve process efficiency and enhance security by implementing a B2B integration platform!

White papers and articles

SaaS: 5 common preconceptions – true or false?

High availability, easy implementation, financial benefits, increased scalability and flexibility, enhanced security. Opt for SAVOYE logistics solutions in SaaS mode and benefit from quality service.

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Telenco has reached a 95% service rate since the implementation of SAVOYE’s WMS

White papers and articles

Cloud computing: which models offer which advantages?

Cloud computing offers benefits such as lower costs, greater accessibility and enhanced security. Find out more about the different cloud models and services on offer.

White papers and articles

The caracteristics of a WMS adapted to automated environements

Able to control and schedule all your logistics operations in a unified way, ODATiO meets the requirements of a WMS compatible with automated and robotized environments.

Customer stories

Coop Liguria offers even better customer service thanks to SAVOYE

The SAVOYE teams met a number of challenges in developing the micro fulfillment center project commissioned by Coop Liguria.