Grocery logistics

Solutions that are adapted to all stakeholders in
the agri-food sector

Success stories

SAVOYE's WMS has proven to be a vital tool to secure the management of our stock and facilitate end-of-chain management control

Génséric PIEGAY

Information Systems Manager at Murgier
The WMS has adapted perfectly to our needs over these last few years and will continue to do so to meet the new requirements of our customers, in particular in terms of data and traceability


Supply Chain Director at Riga

A tailored solution for issues in the agri-food sector

The agri-food sector is subject to numerous quality, time and cost constraints for which key players in the mass distribution sector play a key role. Having a high-quality traceability system is essential because it is a key factor in the effectiveness of product recall procedures, in a sector marked by the diversification of delivery channels: home, drive-through, click & collect.

High standards

Our logistics solutions are adapted to all key players in the sector (fruit, vegetables, meat products, fish, frozen goods, etc.), regardless of the size of your logistics or strategic operation (producers, wholesalers, mass retail, e-commerce). They guarantee a tailored response to current problems related to agri-food logistics: optimized stock rotation, strict compliance with use-by dates, comprehensive and real-time supervision of products and operations, and improved quality management including supplier quality control, blocking and quarantine.

Grocery logistics
Solutions for micro fulfillment centers

Our end-to-end and modular solutions are tailored precisely to the requirements of food e-commerce order picking: with ever more proximity, responsiveness, and options available to the consumer. Whether they are used to equip supermarket stores, main and satellite drive-throughs or even urban micro-fulfillment centers, our solutions provide the desired level of compactness and can be introduced in small areas from 500 to 1500m².

Grocery logistics SAVOYE

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Logistics solutions for the cold chain

Cold chain logistics is faced with numerous challenges including consumer demand and responsiveness.

Grocery logistics SAVOYE

The challenges of agri-food logistics


The cold chain

The management of chilled and frozen products, including storage and order picking cold rooms and temperature-controlled rooms.


Use-by and best before dates

Management of FIFO and FEFO policies to limit expired products as much as possible.



Traceability at all stages of the supply chain, with batch numbers and SSCC codes.



Minimized picking times for pallets and full packages.

Achieving your targets with adapted solutions

Control your supply chain from end to end

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