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Presentation of SAVOYE Middle-East by Alain Kaddoum

Alain KADDOUM Managing Director SAVOYE Middle East explains how SAVOYE has adjusted to the demands of the Middle East.

Expert Talks

Goods-To-Person : 5 key steps for dimensioning your system!

Follow the advice of our expert, Stéphane PIETROWICZ, to correctly size your goods-to-person solution and benefit from all its advantages.

Expert Talks

The characteristics of a WMS adapted to automated environments

Grégory Lecaignard explains the 4 characteristics of a WMS adapted to automated environments.


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Products and solutions

KWESTTM: Warehouse Execution System

Discover the future of streamlined warehouse management with our KwestTM Warehouse Execution System, a game-changing solution that is redefining efficiency, accuracy, and agility in logistics operations.

White papers and articles

KWESTTM: 360° control of your system

Gain full control of your logistics system with KwestTM 360, a comprehensive solution that offers unparalleled visibility and management capabilities.