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Modularity is the key to growth and performance

Benefit from the flexibility and scalability of a WMS/TMS solution: ODATiO gives you a global view of your business and simplifies control of your supply chain!

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Savy is the first customer to use ODATiO, a cloud-native software solution that integrates WMS and TMS in the same application.

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Robotic lockers at the heart of comprehensive view of logistics

Robotic lockers offer a major and serious opportunity as part of the range of collection and delivery options, which have emerged in recent years

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Packaging automation, what solutions for my business?

Savoye offers a wide range of automation packaging solutions. Discover the solution dedicated to your business!

Expert Talks

3 steps for managing your transportation and guaranteeing your ROI!

Listen to Jérôme de Traverse, and learn how to gain control over your transport with a TMS.

Expert Talks

X-PTS-robot, the high performance picking robot!

Watch Marc-Antoine FERNET’s video highlighting the many advantages of the X-PTS-robot, the high-performance picking robot!

Expert Talks

Logistics solutions for Food E-Commerce

How can new logistics resources solve the problems of piloting, responsiveness and compactness to meet the ever-increasing demand for food e-commerce?

Customer stories


CooperVision puts its trust in SAVOYE to accompany them throughout their growth process in Europe

White papers and articles

Proteins: what are the challenges and logistical solutions for this industry?

The protein sector still has a bright future ahead of it, but it will need to adapt in the near future to cope with variations in consumption. To meet this challenge, it will become important to secure the margins generated by order, while meeting the growing demands of the increase in retail flows, issues of traceability and controlled temperatures.