B2B integration platform (EAI/EDI)


With the exponential growth of digitisation, increasingly large data flows have to be processed. Because the number of applications integrated into the information system is constantly increasing, dialogue between them is not always simple. New constraints are emerging and easily connecting with partners has become essential.

The data flow manager LM Connect allows you to easily connect any applications of your information system to each other, regardless of their technologies. A true B2B integration platform, it improves the flexibility and responsiveness of your exchanges with your various external partners.

Offered in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, LM Connect allows you to delegate the operation of your application, simplify projects, secure data in highly secure data centres, and guarantee performance and service continuity through SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

The LM Connect solution uses the "iXPath" solution, a professional application for B2B flow management and web portals.









Strengthen collaboration with your partnersFast deploymentAgility in regards to business demandsFlow governance and KPIsOptimisation of integration costs