Riga maintains a long-lasting and adaptive partnership with SAVOYE

Riga relies on SAVOYE's WMS solution

Established in 1954 and present in the mass retail sector since the 1990s, and today the leading producer of accessories and natural treats for animals in France, Riga is a company experiencing considerable growth. Boasting a wide range of products for dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish and farmyard animals, and focused on animal well-being, Riga produces and distributes 3,000 individual products, including veterinary, hygiene and healthcare products, represented by its brand Phytosoin.

In order to maintain its logistics performance, Riga decided, at the start of the 2000s, to rely on a long-lasting partnership with Savoye, an expert in logistics, by procuring Savoye’s warehouse management system. Riga has been able to rely on its WMS to respond to the various developments required by stakeholders in the mass retail sector, whose specifications are particularly precise.

Key figures

  • 6,000 order lines processed per day
  • 15,000 pallets stored
  • Acceptance and shipping of 300 pallets per day

Target of the logistic project

  • Improving the traceability of products
  • Optimisation of the efficacienty of order picking
  • Management of pharmaceutical products

Why Savoye

  • Customer proximity
  • Support
  • Business expertise

Deployed solution

  • WMS (Warehouse Management System) to manage the logistic flow of the warehouse


  • Better traceability of order picking
  • Adaptation to the rules and constraints of each customer
  • Kitting management features, customization of orders


Reda the testimony!

The tool has adapted perfectly to our needs over these last few years and will continue to do so to meet the new requirements of our customers, in particular in terms of data and traceability


Supply Chain Director at Riga